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Slingshot 265 is on the way

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  • Mark Watson
    [ as usual, apologies for the duplication of this message across multiple newsgroups. If any group moderators object to this practice, please let me know
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2009
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      [ as usual, apologies for the duplication of this message across
      multiple newsgroups. If any group moderators object to this practice,
      please let me know directly and I will take the group in question off
      the distribution list ]

      The latest issue of Slingshot (number 265, July 2009), the bi-monthly
      publication of the Society of Ancients, has just gone to the printers;
      it should take around 10 days to actually arrive with subscribers.

      This issue is 60 pages long, not including the cover pages. It's
      published in the same format introduced with issue 258.

      The contents of Slingshot 265 are as follows. For games articles, I've
      indicated the relevant rule set where it's not immediately obvious
      from the title; with historical articles I've tried to indicate period
      if a similar issue applies.

      Cogadh Gaedhil: Medieval Irish warfare 600AD-1500AD, Part 3, by Mick
      Mallets and Mules, by Duncan Head
      “When he crossed the seventh mountain range, his intuition led him to
      the cedars”: Mesopotamian Warfare Notes VIII, by Alastair McBeath
      Battle Day 2009 – Callinicum 531AD, by Richard Lockwood
      Callinicum Piquet’d, by Adam Hayes
      Callinicum 531 AD – Peter Pig’s Conquerors and Kings & Warmaster
      Ancients, by Martyn Simpson
      Callinicum, AD 531 – Armati II report , by Matthew Bennett
      Callinicum Using Big Battle DBA, by Sue Laflin, Paul Glover, Ian
      Tanner, and David Latham
      Callinicum in the FoG, by David Edwards
      Callinicum 531 CE – Tactica II in Scotland, by Paul Innes
      [ WAB] Thinking About Romans – Part Three, by Adrian Goldsworthy
      [ Armati ] Magnesia, by Mark Grindlay
      Crusader Army lists for the Peloponnesian War, by Craig Woodfield
      [ Tony Bath Rules ] Back to the Jurassic, by David Barnsdale
      Thracian Enhancements for Field of Glory , by Christopher Webber
      The Battle of the Lyginus River, 335 BC: A Field of Glory Scenario, by
      Christopher Webber
      Book Reviews, by Jim Webster, Anthony Clipsom & Mark Watson
      Figure Reviews, by David Edwards, Richard Lockwood & Mark Watson

      As usual, I'm looking for more material in general and some game
      specific articles in particular, right now of the more popular systems
      DBMM & AMW material would be good. But I am as usual open to material
      for any ancients rule set.



      About Slingshot:

      Slingshot is a bi-monthly publication, distributed to members of the
      Society of Ancients as part of their membership subscription. Most of
      the content is contributed by Society members on a wide range of items
      related to Ancient and Medieval military history and wargaming. There
      are articles, reviews, letters, game design ideas, as well as the
      usual discussion on various wargames rules. Competition results and
      the occasional battle report are also published. Our quality
      publication is well edited to showcase the written contributions from
      our membership and features original pen and ink artwork.

      About the Society of Ancients:

      The Society of Ancients is an international amateur society for the
      promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and
      wargaming the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD, and run by volunteers for the
      benefit of our growing membership world-wide. The Society publishes a
      bi-monthly journal, Slingshot, and sponsors various events, including
      wargames tournaments.

      The Society was formed in 1965 by Tony Bath with 20 or so founder
      members. Our membership is now over 1500 worldwide. The Society is not
      run for profit but is supported by and exists for the benefit of its
      members and to promote Ancient and Medieval military history and
      wargaming. Membership is open to all, renewable annually.

      All finances are ploughed back to improve services and add value. We
      have also been active in establishing links with the commercial side
      of our hobby and now members have access to discounts from a range of
      figure traders, specialist books and games.

      To become a member of the society, or for more information, the best
      place to start is http://www.soa.org.uk Alternatively we would
      recommend sending an email to membership@.... Note that, if you
      subscribe as a member, you will receive all Slingshot issues for the
      year of membership, including back issues.
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