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26September 18th trip info on website

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  • Brian Herriott
    Sep 7, 2010
      Hi all,

      I've updated the trip information for September 18th.  We will meet at the 'Magic Hedge' at 8am and bird until 11am.  We will have a picnic following.  Please RSVP if you haven't already.  There is also some infomation about our incredible leaders for this trip, Geoff and Christine Williamson.  I am sure that you will all learn a great deal from the both of them and the birding could be spectacular.  Please check out our site at www.illinoisyoungbirders.org under field trips for this updated information.

      I'll be posting a trip report from our August trip to the Hummingbird Festival soon as well.  Probably tonight sometime. 

      Also, our first newsletter, "The Hoot", will be sent to you within the next week.  Hope you're all having a wonderful end to your summer and perhaps finding some time in your busy schedules to look up!

      Brian Herriott
      ILYB Adult Coordinator