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19July trip on website

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  • Brian Herriott
    Jul 6, 2010
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      Hi all,

      The shorebird trip scheduled for July 24th is now up on the website.  Please rsvp as soon as you can if you plan on coming.  Parental permission forms need to be completed before the 24th.  I realize that the permission forms become redundant if you've filled them out before.  I'd like to figure out a more efficient way of doing this in the future.  Sorry if it's a pain, but for now it is the system that works best.  I will not be able to be on this trip because of a family trip to California, but Scott Cohrs is an excellent leader and I will organize everything before I leave.  Wish I could be there, it sounds like it will be a great trip!

      Brian Herriott
      ILYB Adult Coordinator