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16Responding to Brian's email

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  • Edward
    May 11, 2010
      Hey ILYB folks,

      I figured I should just share my ideas publicly with everyone. This way we can discuss these things together.

      This is all in response to the email Brian sent out recently.
      1.) my thought for a tile is "Precocial" which is the scientific term for chicks that hatch fully formed and are moving from the nest within a few days
      2.) I like the member profiles idea
      3.) I think it should be an option as to whether we can get a paper or email copy, though I personally would prefer email to conserve paper (and it's faster)
      4.) There should probably be a consensus about who would write up the trip reports and it can be a different person each trip
      5-10.) Good ideas, no aditional comments from me

      I'm currently trying to figure into my schedule when I can sit some people down for the Mentor Interviews. Obviously everyone has different birder mentors/heros so I think everyone should try to get that special birder to sit down and talk with them.

      These are my thoughts.
      Hope to see you all at Midewin!

      Edward Warden