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10IOS spring weekend and May 15th IMBD event

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  • Brian Herriott
    Apr 16, 2010
    Hi all,

    Although these won't be 'official' ILYB field trips, they are nonetheless events which I think our members would really get a lot out of.

    The first is the IOS Spring Weekend from May 21-23.  It's located in the Kankakee area and the hotel is in Bradley.  See the attached forms for registration info and field trip info.  As ILYB members, parents would get a further $10 off of the registration fee.  It's a big weekend with lots of birds and birders.  Unfortunately, I can't make it because I'll be in Alaska, but I'm going to try and have a table set up for us with ILYB literature to hand out.

    There is also a fun event planned specifically for kids and their parents at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in DuPage County on May 15.  It is planned in coordination with the International Migratory Bird Day and comes at the peak of spring migration.  There is a bird banding demonstration plus a birding walk for kids.  Go to www.willowbrookwildlife.com to learn more about this great event.  The naturalist at Willowbrook Wildlife Center, Ron Skleney, is very keen on helping young birders.  If you plan on attending, please tell him you are a member of ILYB.  Again, I will be in Alaska for this as well. 

    If there are any volunteers who would like to take literature to hand out at either of these events, please reply and let me know.  I think both of these events will be tons of fun and hopefully some of you can make it.

    Brian Herriott
    ILYB Adult Coordinator

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    Subject: IOS Spring Birding Weekend

    Dear IOS member,
    Time is running out to reserve a room the IOS Spring Birding Weekend!
    We'd love to fill the last few spaces available at the hotel for the Spring Birding Weekend, but the hotel will hold our block of rooms only until April 21st. After that, you will still be able to register for the field trips and banquet, but you won't be able to get a room at the Quality Inn where we will be based.
    Don't forget to tell the Quality Inn that you are with IOS when you register!
    The files attached to this e-mail have the sign-up form and all the information about the Spring Birding Weekend.
    If you don't have a pdf reader, you can download one for free at
    Join us for some of the best spring birding that Illinois has to offer! We'll see you there!
    Barbara Williams
    Membership Secretary
    Illinois Ornithological Society
    P.O. Box 931
    Lake Forest, IL  60045