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Target Bird Found (For A Change) At Plum Grove F.P. Thur 6-13-13

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  • Al Stokie
    Hello Bird People, Last Saturday s targets were Tri-Colored Heron & Mississippi Kite. (No & No) Last Sunday s target was Yellow Crowned Night Heron. (No) Last
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2013
      Hello Bird People,

      Last Saturday's targets were Tri-Colored Heron & Mississippi Kite. (No & No)

      Last Sunday's target was Yellow Crowned Night Heron. (No)

      Last Monday's target was White Rumped Sandpiper. (No)

      Last Tuesday's targets were Whip-Poor-Will & White Eyed Vireo. (No & No)

      Yesterday's target was once again White Eyed Vireo. (Again No)

      Not one to give up easily today's main target was, for the 3rd day in a
      row, White Eyed Vireo.
      I tried for the one being seen at Plum Grove F.P. but for the 1st hour I
      was there it looked like the result would be yet another No! It was NOT
      where the others had found it & it was NOT singing anywhere in that area.
      But it was pretty windy & small birds don't care to sit up high in the wind
      & the farther into June you get the less time they sing. But as I was
      trying to track down a Chat that was singing but not showing itself a
      smaller bird hopped up in a tree, called a couple of times & did one
      partial song after which it flew past me to the south & was gone, not to be
      seen or heard again. But while it was in the tree briefly I could clearly
      see that it was indeed the WHITE EYED VIREO. It was about time!

      I spent the 1st 2 hours walking from the parking lot (which had the gate
      locked until 7:45 a.m.) to the shrub/scrub area & then birding there & in
      the big field across Burnham Rd. So my day list is weak for deep woods
      birds as by the time I did that area it was 9:30 & in June many singers
      quit early. Here's the list by area:

      Plum Grove F.P.

      Shrub Area Just East Of Burnham Rd (This is where the Prairie Warbler was
      last year)

      Catbird, WHITE EYED VIREO, Yellow Warbler (2), Chat (heard 2), Indigo
      Bunting, Eastern Towhee (heard a few), Field Sparrow & Cowbird (3). I
      usually find Blue Winged Warblers but not today. I don't think the wind
      helped finding birds.

      Large Field West Of Burnham Rd

      Not as good as I remember it previously but I haven't done a careful search
      here for a few years so my recall may be out of date. In the field were
      Barn Swallow (few flying),
      Dickcissel (5-7), HENSLOW'S SPARROW (3-4) & Eastern Meadowlark (only 2).
      Used to find Bobolinks, Sedge Wrens & other Sparrows here but not today.
      Along the small tree lined edges were Common Yellowthroat, Indigo Bunting &
      more Field Sparrows & E.Towhee's.

      Deep Woods (half hour while walking)

      Red Bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Pewee, Blue Jay, Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse
      (heard 2),
      House Wren (6-7), Wood Thrush (heard 1), Robins, more Catbirds, Red Eyed
      (4) & Yellow Throated (heard 1) Vireo & Scarlet Tanager (heard 1). There
      were a couple other songs that I was not sure of but one was probably a
      Rose Breasted Grosbeak. If there was an Acadian Flycatcher I didn't hear it.

      Back in the parking area were Eastern Bluebird (2), Goldfinch & I heard
      another Yellow Warbler & Common Yellowthroat. Birds flying overhead
      included Great Blue Heron, Canada Geese (5), Red Tailed Hawk (2-AD) & both
      Ring Billed & Herring Gulls.

      On the way home I made quick stops at Wolf Lake/Powers & the road in to
      O'Brien Lock & Dam but I found none of the good birds reported from there

      Bird-Of-The-Day has to be the WHITE EYED VIREO which I thought I'd never
      Runner-Up can be the one HENSLOW'S SPARROW which I actually saw. The others
      were heard only.

      Warning:It looks like there was a lot of rain here last night & the trails
      are very muddy & parts have standing water of up to 3 in deep. It should be
      better for this weekend's field trip to Plum Grove but, just in case,
      waterproof boots might not be a bad idea even then.

      Al Stokie

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