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Kankakee: Black-throated Green Warbler 10-31-03

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  • Jed Hertz
    Hi all, Friday 10-31-03: Kankakee LeVasseur Park: 1540-1715_Sun/Overcast_60 s-50 s_W5-10_E Chipmunk_Wt Deer(3)_E Cottontail. On a late afternoon/early evening
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
      Hi all,

      Friday 10-31-03: Kankakee LeVasseur Park:
      1540-1715_Sun/Overcast_60's-50's_W5-10_E Chipmunk_Wt Deer(3)_E Cottontail.

      On a late afternoon/early evening river walk I found one Black-throated Green
      Warbler with a few YR Warbler and a RC Kinglet feeding in a leafy Elm(?)tree
      behind Metro-Sewer. This is 15 days later then my previous fall record.

      Tallied 28 species as follows:

      3 Great Blue Heron Ardeidae

      25 Canada Goose Anatidae
      2 Wood Duck Anatidae
      31 Mallard Anatidae
      1 Sharp-shinned Hawk Accipitridae
      10 Mourning Dove Columbidae
      1 Great Horned Owl Strigidae
      Heard At 1703
      5 Red-bellied Woodpecker Picidae
      2 Northern Flicker Picidae
      3 Blue Jay Corvidae
      15 American Crow Corvidae
      1 Black-capped Chickadee Paridae
      3 White-breasted Nuthatch Sittidae
      2 Carolina Wren Troglodytidae
      1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Regulidae
      1 Hermit Thrush Turdidae
      25 American Robin Turdidae
      50 European Starling Sturnidae
      80 Cedar Waxwing Bombycillidae
      4 Yellow-rumped Warbler Parulidae
      1 Black-throated Green Warbler Parulidae
      1 Song Sparrow Emberizidae
      8 White-throated Sparrow Emberizidae
      2 White-crowned Sparrow Emberizidae
      2 Dark-eyed Junco Emberizidae
      4 Northern Cardinal Cardinalidae
      2 American Goldfinch Fringillidae
      25 House Sparrow Passeridae

      Take Care.

      Jed Hertz
      Kankakee, IL (Kankakee County)
      Email: jhh_60910@...

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