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Re: IBET Northern Shrike invasion

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  • pbee7
    Timely request, Steve ~ Northern Shrike reported in Rural Galena (Jo Daviess County) on Thursday, 11/29. Also an immature yellow belly sapsucker. Both were at
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2007
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      Timely request, Steve ~ Northern Shrike reported in Rural Galena (Jo
      Daviess County) on Thursday, 11/29. Also an immature yellow belly
      sapsucker. Both were at a private residence with both grassland &
      wooded habitat.

      Polly B
      Galena (Jo Daviess County)

      --- In ILbirds@yahoogroups.com, "calcariusp" <sdbailey@...> wrote:
      > This could be a record year for numbers of Northern Shrikes
      > in Illinois. Besides all of the northeastern Illinois records, you
      > can usually tell the extent and magnitude of their movement by how
      > many are reported in central Illinois, and at times even farther
      > south. Besides Dan Kassebaum's Clinton Co. (Lake Carlyle area)
      > record, there have already been records in Kentucky and even
      > There have also been a few other records from central Illinois that
      > have not made it to the IBET airwaves. These include a second and
      > apparently third records from Brown Co. (near Jacksonville) as well
      > as one a couple days ago near Oakwood in Vermilion County.
      > I have been keeping track of every record I hear about, so if
      > any of you hear about others that aren't getting reported to IBET,
      > would appreciate knowing about them. If you have a date to go
      > with the location, that would be helpful. After making a tally,
      > eliminating sightings that are likely the same birds that were seen
      > at or near a locality earlier, I have a minimum total of 63
      > SHRIKES that have been seen so far this fall in 23 counties in the
      > state! So far, Cook County leads the way with at least 14 birds,
      > followed by Lake and DuPage tied with at least 10 birds apiece.
      > There should be at least a few more in Kane Co. than the two so far
      > reported. If you count the Knox and Woodford county birds as
      > Illinois, there have been at least eleven shrikes reported in this
      > part of the state already. This is pretty amazing, considering
      > we haven't even made it to December or the winter season yet.
      > one of the last bigger invasions which involved quite a few
      > in central Illinois (in winter 1999/2000), there were a minimum of
      > 105 birds in 32 counties… and that was between Oct thru Mar! We
      > still have a long way to go yet. So, even though Northern Shrikes
      > are likely going to get to be pretty ho-hum (if they aren't
      > especially in northeastern Illinois, please continue to report all
      > your sightings of this species to IBET.
      > And if you get a chance this winter, visit some forest
      > preserve or other park that you usually don't go to. I can think
      > tons of other places, both in and outside the Chicago area where
      > there are more Northern Shrikes (and likely other great birds!)
      > waiting to be "found". Volo Bog, Cuba Marsh, Redwing Slough, Sun
      > Lake FP, Chain O Lakes SP, Moraine Hills SP, all have no reported
      > Northern Shrike yet, and a couple of those places might even have
      > birds. McHenry County has a ton of great shrike habitat, but so
      > only has one Northern Shrike reported, and there are easily 12-15
      > more there. Stephenson, Jo Daviess (especially Lost Mound), and
      > several other northern Illinois counties surely have many other
      > shrikes, but have no reports yet. Any area that has a decent
      > of grassland, especially if there are marshy and shrubby areas
      > likely has a shrike patrolling this winter. I am hoping that I can
      > even find one on one of the CBCs at the southern tip of the state
      > this winter. Good luck!
      > Steve Bailey
      > Rantoul (Champaign Co.)
      > sdbailey@...
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