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68500Chicago north side birding and a Birthday

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  • Michelle Devlin
    May 18, 2014
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      Last night Jim and I agreed to avoid the weekend lakefront craziness and go to LaBagh.

      On the way, I stopped at Gompers which had 11 sp of warblers plus unseen Northern Parula. Best seen bird was Blackburnian.

      At LaBagh it wasn't great, perhaps my heart wasn't in it because Mike Ferguson had texted me about the Least Bittern. Only stayed an hour and had 10 warblers plus heard Northern Parula and Golden-winged.

      Finally decided to head over to Montrose even though I wasn't looking forward to bike ride or crowds.

      Didn't spend much time there but got Least Bittern. Thanks Mike. Also a Bonaparte's Gull in water off protected beach.

      Also a big Happy Birthday to John Purcell. least bittern is certainly a good bday bird for him.

      Many more happy years of birding John!

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      Michelle Devlin