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68496Fwd: eBird Report - LaBagh Woods Forest Preserve (Chicago), May 18, 2014

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  • William Branson
    May 18, 2014
      The wife and I attempted a river loop at LaBagh Woods, but the river is still pretty high.  The woods were pretty birdy, along the river and along the muddy sides of the railroad embankment.  We watched two Magnolia Warblers either fighting or mating.  Never seen that before!  Happy Birding!

      LaBagh Woods Forest Preserve (Chicago), Cook, US-IL
      May 18, 2014 9:45 AM - 11:45 AM
      Protocol: Traveling
      2.0 mile(s)
      Comments:     From South Pk Lot to Stone Bridge.  From Bridge North to Bryn Mar, along river.  South to entrance on Central along Central.
      35 species (+5 other taxa)

      Canada Goose  6
      Mallard  2
      Mourning Dove  2
      Chimney Swift  3
      Red-bellied Woodpecker  1
      Downy Woodpecker  2
      Northern Flicker  1
      Alder/Willow Flycatcher (Traill's Flycatcher)  1
      Empidonax sp.  1
      Eastern Phoebe  1
      Blue Jay  1
      swallow sp.  2
      Black-capped Chickadee  1
      Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  1
      Eastern Bluebird  2
      Veery  1
      Swainson's Thrush  2
      American Robin  7
      Gray Catbird  1
      Northern Waterthrush  1
      Black-and-white Warbler  1
      Tennessee Warbler  2
      Nashville Warbler  3
      American Redstart  6
      Magnolia Warbler  6
      Yellow Warbler  1
      Chestnut-sided Warbler  1
      Blackpoll Warbler  1
      Palm Warbler  2
      Black-throated Green Warbler  3
      Canada Warbler  1
      Wilson's Warbler  1
      warbler sp.  1
      sparrow sp.  4
      Northern Cardinal  3
      Indigo Bunting  1
      Red-winged Blackbird  5
      Common Grackle  4
      American Goldfinch  3
      House Sparrow  2

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      Bill Branson
      Chicago, Cook

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