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68494Cook County:Montrose Sun 5-18-14

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  • Al Stokie
    May 18, 2014
      Hello Bird People,

      I know others at Montrose saw more birds than I did but since no one else has posted yet I'll mention what I saw. If Geoff W posts later it will be a more complete list. It's interesting to me that some of the warbler species I saw many of yesterday I saw few or none today. And today I saw quite a few Blackpolls & Tennessee Warblers which I missed yesterday. That's the way it goes.
      I could only find 16 species of warblers but I know that there were others seen by other folks which would get the daily total to 20 or more for this location. Here's my warbler list:

      Tennessee (3)
      Orange Crowned (1, surprised to still see this one)
      Yellow (8)
      Chestnut Sided (3)
      Magnolia (12-15)
      Y.R. Myrtle (3-4)
      Palm (6)
      Blackpoll (5-M & 6-F, until today I had only seen 2 total for the Spring)
      Black & White (2-F)
      Redstart (20-25)
      Ovenbird (1)
      N. Waterthrush (3)
      MOURNING (1-M, help to locate it from Sue F, Beth S & Cindy A)
      Common Yellowthroat (6)
      Wilson's (5-6)

      In addition to the 16 I saw others had Golden Winged, Black Throated Green, Pine, Hooded,
      Bay Breasted, Canada & maybe more. The only Vireo's I saw were Warbling & Red Eyed.
      Flycatchers included YELLOW BELLIED (2), Willow (1 calling/singing), Least (4), Eastern Kingbird & 2 "Trails" (Willow/Alder) that refused to talk to me to help with the I.D. Thrushes seen were
      Veery (4), Gray Cheeked (3-4) & Swainson's (10-12).

      Sparrows seen were Savannah (3), Song (4), Swamp (2), LINCOLNS (5), White Throated (4) & White Crowned (20-25). "Nice to look at" birds included Scarlet Tanager (1-M), Baltimore Oriole (4) & 1 young male ORCHARD ORIOLE.

      Bird-Of-The-Day to the 1st bird seen today, the tree top LEAST BITTERN in the Willows by the beach. Runners-Up to the well seen (eventually) Mourning Warbler, the 2 Yellow Bellied Flycatchers & the Orchard Oriole. Thanks go to Fran M for the location of the Least Bittern.

      Al Stokie