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Bureau County Smith's Longspurs A small flock (at least 8) of SMITH'S LONGSPURS were present near La Moille in Bureau County this morning. They were located in corn stubble in a field on the
8:48 PM
The Grove, FOYs (Cook) Cold today but still some good stuff. FOYs: great egret Lincoln's sparrow bonaparte's M breeding pl (first seen here, fly over) goldfinches Also a pair of wood
Suzanne Coleman
7:00 PM
North Pond plus This evening (4/22/14) located both a Green Heron (east side) and a Northern Waterthrush (west side), both of which species were seen at the site earlier by
Joan Norek
6:57 PM
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Cinnamon Teal- Moorman Swine Farm, Champaign Co. Following John Karp's report of a CINNAMON TEAL at the Moorman Swine Farm in Champaign I biked over there as fast as I could. Luckily there was just enough
Phred Benham
6:33 PM
Chimney Swifts G'Evening IBETers . . . Had my first Chimney Swifts of the season this PM "twittering" over Lincoln Park . . . sebastianpatti@... Sebastian T. Patti
5:53 PM
Palos - McClaughry Springs YTVI & Saganashkee Slough Osprey questio Pam Chudzinski and I went birding on this lovely Earth Day morning to a number of Palos spots. Highlights are as follows: McClaughrey Springs: LA Waterthrush
Kathy Noerenberg
5:35 PM
Re: Arcola Marsh Could not re-locate Little Blue Heron but did find the Eared Grebe. Ron Bradley Sent from my iPhone
5:00 PM
Peoria area--April week 3 Things slowed down quite a bit around here this week. I still saw something new almost every day, but that will happen by accident this time of year. I spent
4:56 PM
Re: Male Surf Scoter Andy Sigler reports the Surf Scoter is now back at Lockport Prairie. Andrew Sent from my iPhone
4:29 PM
forgot to mention tick found Re: a few DuPage sightings and YHBB and Todd's comment about ticks reminded me that I was going to mention I found a tick (hopefully only one!) on my ear after getting back in my car when leaving
4:10 PM
: Mundelein Broad-winged Hawks? Had a fine kettle of raptors today, but so high that while I could tell they were raptors, not gulls, I couldn't make out enough (i.e. any!) details to
Todd Anderson
3:37 PM
Re: Male Surf Scoter After checking Lockport Prairie, I relocated the male Surf Scoter on the canal from the 9th st Bridge just north of Lockport Prairie. It was with 6 Lesser
3:32 PM
Re: Bartel UPPIE and other highlights Speaking of Smith's Longspur locations:  As Steve mentioned, Foxtail in cornstubble fields has been a pretty reliable habitat for finding Smith's Longspur in
Jed Hertz
2:17 PM
Lake County birds Sunday (the 20th), Sheryl and I went birding in the morning for a couple hours. Of the many areas we could have chosen, I thought it might be good to bird at
2:07 PM
a few DuPage sightings and YHBB and rails today Re: IBET Cook County I checked out three spots in DuPage County today, and then stopped by Paul Douglas FP in Cook Co. on my way home.  A few birds noted from each. Wood Dale
1:56 PM
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Bad Birding Day Today At LaBagh, Skokie Lagoons & Everywhere Else! T Hello Bird People, It was more than a "bad" day it was awful! In fact it was so bad that even I can't convince myself that I need to list all the species seen
Al Stokie
1:41 PM
BY WT sparrows Hi friends, I woke up to hear the whistled " O, Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody". Two sparrows were scratching seed on the ground and looking at me thru the back
John Baxter
1:08 PM
Re: Thatcher Woods: N Waterthrush (4/22) Well I personally feel that the bobbing motion is different on average between the two species and at least around here seems to me to be pretty consistent,
Geoffrey Williamson
12:42 PM
Woodcock Millenium Park Saw a single woodcock in the Lurie Garden area, working the ground along the western wall. Didn't want to scare it, so visibility was limited. Sent from my
Peter Bullock
12:12 PM
Thatcher Woods: N Waterthrush (4/22) Thatcher Woods was initially cold and quiet this AM. When the winds died down, bird activity picked up a bit. Dan Anzia and I saw an influx of N. FLICKERS,
11:40 AM
Lake Calumet Earth Day Hike (4-22-14) Fifty or so individuals attended the Lake Calumet Earth Day Hike (sponsored by various local organizations) from 10:00 am - noon on Tuesday (22 April 2014).
Walter Marcisz
11:24 AM
Bartel UPPIE and other highlights I had to do some survey/census work at Bartel Grassland (Cook Co.) and a bit southward yesterday. Amazingly, one of my main “target” species at Bartel
10:59 AM
Male Surf Scoter Got some great pix of a male Surf Scoter at Lockport Prairie an hour ago.  In addition the following: Blue-winged Teals  Northern Shovelers Pied-billed Grebe
Jim Tezak
10:53 AM
Arcola Marsh Did not see Eared Grebe. Adult Little Blue Heron and 2 American Bitterns as high lights. Tyler D Funk
Tyler Funk
10:40 AM
Re: The cold, wet spring of 1996 I think I sent the paper to everyone who requested it. If anyone wants it who hasn't received it yet, let me know. I also wrote a short blog post that includes
Josh Engel
10:31 AM
Pine Warbler This morning at Crystal Lake Park, Urbana. Ron Bradley Sent from my iPhone
9:56 AM
Orchard Oriole, 7 sp warbler - Urbana First thing this morning I had a male ORCHARD ORIOLE, my first of spring, in my yard in Urbana. Later I also had my first CHIMNEY SWIFT. At Busey Woods and
Nicholas Sly
8:54 AM
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BY Black Throated Green Warblers in Big Rock Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to see 3 Black Throated Green warblers in the oaks (old oaks) in the back yard. First I have seen them in our yard. John
John Heneghan
7:06 AM
Green Heron @ North Pond Chicago Illinois West side of Pond East of prairie. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
7:00 AM
Lake Co Highlights, Palm Warbler, migrating Yellow-rumped Warblers a Stared at Waukegan Beach this am , nice weather not many birds, 1 Bonapartes Gull on Beach with other Gulls and Caspian terns. 1 WW Scoter still lingering,
Apr 21
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