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JxP, Tuesday, 25 July: Butterfly report

I birded/bugged Chicago's Jackson Park yesterday covering 63rd Street Beach, the north lake front to 59th and Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow. This is
8:53 AM

Carolina Wren, Genoa, DeKalb County

There's a carolina wren singing in the yard this morning. The first few years I lived year, one would over-winter. Now they show up only during migration.
Karen Lund
7:16 AM

Plover - yes at Montrose

Piping Plover on the pier located by Dan W. 7:45 am. Wednesday. Fran Morel Sent from my iPhone
Fran M
6:04 AM

Re: Piping Plover still present at Montrose Dunes at 4:30pm

Hello birders, The little Plover was back at Lake Montrose at 5:45 p.m., where it was feeding peacefully with a flock of Ring-billed Gulls.  It seems to going
Leslie Borns
4:30 PM

Piping Plover still present at Montrose Dunes at 4:30pm

Dear birders, The Piping Plover was present at Montrose Dunes at 4:30 pm. It was initially on the sand opposite the breakwall that has the incursion of water,
Katy Krigbaum
3:30 PM

: DeKalb County shorebirds

There is a flooded field on Maplewood Road about a mile south of Chicago Road that has had some shorebirds this week. Species seen there are Lesser Yellowlegs,
darrell shambaugh
2:32 PM

Techny, ASP (cook co). 7/24/17

Hi all, A few interesting sightings yesterday evening.   Techny There was what I think was an adult female hooded merganser preening in the water near the
Suzanne Coleman
12:10 PM

Flooded Wetlands Update Tues 7-25-17

Hello Bird People, This is not a regular report but is to let you know that my 3 close to home wetlands still have no mud flats or shorebirds & they look like
Al Stokie
9:21 AM

Origin of the Montrose Piping Plover

Hello Birders, Thank you for submitting photos and band information for the Piping Plover that has been present at Montrose Beach and Dunes the past 5 days. 
Leslie Borns
Jul 25

Re: Origin of Montrose Piping Plover (No Sightings)

the wonderful information that banding returns gives us!!! sebastianpatti@... Sebastian T. Patti (Lincoln Park) Chicago, ILLINOIS 60614-3354 PHONE:
Jul 25

Origin of Montrose Piping Plover (No Sightings)

I submitted banding information to the Great Lakes Piping Plover Research and Recovery Team on 22-Jul-2017. The Piping Plover currently spending a few days at
Jul 25

Re: Montrose Piping Plover - YES

8:30am Montrose Lake south of dog beach-saw the Piping Plover. Some person walked up and startled it and it flew out to the lake. Not sure where it is now.
Pamela Carmona
Jul 25

Montrose Piping Plover - YES

Hi Donnie and all, The Piping Plover was on the Montrose beach as of 7:15 am today, July 25. It was close to the dog beach, on the south side of Lake Montrose.
Alex Bloss
Jul 25

Montrose Piping Plover - NO SIGHTINGS

Prompt posting of sightings of this bird this morning, 7-25 would be appreciated. Thanks. Donnie Dann Highland Park/Lake County
Donnie R. Dann
Jul 25

Re: Ospreys in Illinois

There are at least two Osprey nesting platforms in the Palos area: one in the middle of Longjohn Slough by Little Red Schoolhouse & at least one at the water's
Kathy Noerenberg
Jul 24
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