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Hariri killing: attack on Hezbollah

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    German criminologist: Hariri s murder intended to dismantle security apparatuses in Lebanon as a prelude to dismantle Hezbollah s weapons Wednesday, May 03,
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      German criminologist: Hariri's murder intended to dismantle security apparatuses in Lebanon as a prelude to dismantle Hezbollah's weapons
      Wednesday, May 03, 2006 - 03:44 PM [Kods Time]
      The Lebanese government requested the UN to extend the mandate of the international investigation commission into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, for a maximum one year. Meanwhile, a press conference was held in Beirut entitled "So that martyr Hariri is not killed twice". Criminologists pointed to some evidence involving Israel and the American neoconservatives in the crime.

      The author of "Hiding evidence in Lebanon", German criminologist Jyrgen Kylbel held an open press conference in Beirut, with the collaboration of the German "One World" foundation, to present additional evidence to the Lebanese Judiciary and the international investigation commission. Saeed doudine, the manager of the "One World" foundation spoke about the device used to jam Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's anti-bomb system.

      Doudine stated "We asked the seven international corporations which produce such devices and then we limited the issue to a Swiss company and another Israeli one. We were not satisfied, so we sent a prominent and trusted journalist to meet the Israeli Intelligence officer who owns this company. The journalist said that Admiral Shmiling told him that the production company is the only side that possesses what is required to isolate the security system, whether complicated or comprehensive."

      The conference was attended by many political and law figures including the lawyers of the four arrested Lebanese security officers.

      For his part, Kylbel said the defect in the investigation of former chief UN investigator, Detlev Mehlis who implicated Syria in the assassination, is very much related to a number of exchanged letters between Richard Perl, Ziad Abdel Nour, Daniel Pipes and Israeli Liaison officer Morag Kay, which Kylbel possesses. He added that the goal of these exchanged letters is to change regimes in the Middle East, adding that the detention of the four officers is in harmony with Pipes' plan to dismantle security apparatuses in Lebanon as a prelude to dismantle Hezbollah's weapons as well as other resistance forces.

      Jyrgen Kylbel stated "During the past ten months, I had tried to search for any criminal evidence to justify the detention of the four security officers in Lebanon. But frankly, I couldn't find any. Even the issue of facing the suspects with the witnesses was discarded. It is indeed a farce. I have a humble request to make for Mr. Brammertz: You have to look for the real perpetrators and put an end to Mehlis' farce."

      Kay Homilios said "Neoconservatives in the US, and as part of the so called American Century that was inked in 1997, consider that they will only be able to accomplish their plan on the long run. And therefore the beginning of the 21st century has to witness major catastrophes to change the existing situation. The fist catastrophe was the September 11 attacks in 2001 that led to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. And in my opinion, the second catastrophe took place here in Lebanon on the 14 of February 2004, and it was intended to serve the American Century project."

      At the end of the conference, Kylbel unveiled that in the exchanged letters is a planned international conference to be hosted by an Arab country over ways to build the region economically either through military invasions or internal seditions, which the neoconservatives are working on.
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