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Like to keep the moment of your ovulation private? Ready for the burka or veil? (BBC documentary)

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  • Mr Patrick Hublou
    BBC documentary Science if Attraction Sexual attraction on a glance. Men can assess whether a woman is ovulating or not only by looking at the woman s face.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2004
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      BBC documentary "Science if Attraction"
      Sexual attraction on a glance.
      Men can assess whether a woman is ovulating or not only by looking at the woman's face.
      The facial structure changes during and because of the hormonal changes inside a woman's body. These changes are picked up inevitably by men but only if they can see the women's face of course.
      Although and on the contrary to the head scarf (hidjab) the veil (niqab) is not a religious obligation. Muslim girls and women have advocated for ages their right to guard their mimic expressions and more hidden for male non-family members. To millions wearing the veil is a way of expressing dedication to most appreciated values of a faith that frees them from social pressure to wear make-up and act according to the whip of exploiting and on occasion exhibitionist fashion.
      Nowadays, especially in the West, - thinking in particular about countries as Belgium and France -, Muslima are being denied their right to dress in what millions of people consider togather with them as modest and appropriate clothing.
      While strikers are encouraged by unionists to wear plastic garbage bags and orange, red or green wigs to protest their degrading working conditions or (threatening) lay-off, none of those celebrants has uttered a word against the increasing repression against a not insignificant and steadily growing part of the population.
      Disputes about the role, meaning and order of "struggle of sexes" and/or/versus Class War seem to have drowned. The most interesting but rather idiotic conducted debate on how the 'Homo Ludence' could resist and bring further the struggle against oppression and injustice, has seemingly stranded in a garbage bag with a colored wig on top.
      On the ruins of what they brought on war after war as civilization, the most backward advocates the naive to dance together, making both of them loose the one immaterial thing a man has to strive for: dignity. Seeing those workers dressed as clowns,  misled by most scared dazing and rattling pawns, wearing  green or grey trash bag telling the world in upside down writing: "Property of the city of.....", it is next to impossible to think a new dawn for humanity is thought about amongst these pitiable people. They deserve better and truly they can do much beter.
      It appears the attraction amongst the well-trained secular-priests of popular street protests lies elsewhere as what moved revolutionaries, advocating as what they thought was the Advance of Humanity. Alexandra Kollontai, Rosa Luxemburg and so many more developed ideas into practices. They brought the struggle of ages together in an effort to shape the spear that would, violently however, change the future for the better.
      These modern protest-clowns won't know them and neither their ideas. Bread and Roses; Bread and Games: all the same circus to the brain damaged?
      The lines "... what makes us that strong during struggle? Solidarity!" aren't heard on the alcohol drenched circus-barricades. What is then the perspective of the oppressed? Is there a vanguard clarifying a perspective towards a more humane society left amongst those who dance on, if not their own, the graves of the workers of the world?
      The connections between personal commitment, social lifestyle and dedication towards what is worth striving for need a renewed discussion amongst proletarians and intellectuals both in the West. A discussion millions of Muslim women bear witness off by day and by night.
      BBC World TV
      Explorations - Science of Attraction  
      We are constantly looking for the perfect mate, but what�s really going on inside our minds? From body symmetry to pheromones to hormones we find out what turns us on and why.
      'If in near future we can all make our appearance fit the most ideal biometrical figures
      maybe in order to find the more ideal partner we will have to return to talking to each others in order what moves someone truly.'
      Monday 6 December 2004 at 14h30 GMT+1
      Tuesday 7 December at 17h30
      Wednesday 8 December at 02h30 and at 09h30
      Mind: BBC World is not all day available on cable network Telenet as ARTE takes up broadcasting time durint evening and night.
      Check the exact hour of broadcasting near to your place: see BBC World web:
      The Alexandra Kollontai
      Homo Ludens versus ego�stische 'survivor'

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