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Understanding the Taliban phenomenon and U.S. Psychological Warfare

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  • New Trend Magazine
    New Trend Magazine (our web site is back: http://www.NewTrendMag.org ) {News and commentary by But Shikan (idol breaker)} Psychological Warfare Against Islam
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
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      New Trend Magazine
      (our web site is back: http://www.NewTrendMag.org )
      {News and commentary by But Shikan (idol breaker)}

      Psychological Warfare Against Islam and Muslims
      Taliban: Mistaken Assumptions about Need for Conventional Resistance

      "In the case of those who say, 'Our Lord is Allah', and, further,
      stand straight and steadfast, the angels descend on them (saying):
      fear ye not, nor grieve, but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden
      (of bliss) which ye were promised." (The Qur'an 41:30)

      One month and 23 days after the U.S. launched the bombing of
      Afghanistan, the Muslim world is relatively very quiet. {On November
      30, more than 100 U.S. jet bombers again assaulted Kandahar in
      continuing attempts to crush the Taliban.}

      Gone is the exuberance of the first month when there were worldwide
      demonstrations in support of the Taliban and Osama. Why are the
      Muslims so quiet now? Our analysis is as follows:

      1. The Muslim world is still not ready for Jihad.
      The Muslim masses still think that they can alter the behavior of
      puppet governments through peaceful demonstrations. The governments,
      being non-representative, are not influenced by Muslim public opinion
      and wait for signals from the West.

      2. The Muslims still do not understand the ruthless power of
      American air power. Most Muslims expected the Taliban to stand and
      fight in fixed positions. When the fixed positions could not be
      maintained, the Muslim masses were disappointed.
      2a. Many Muslims even thought that the Taliban have the
      capability to defend all of Afghanistan against the U.S. How this
      would be possible for a force of between 30,000 and 50,000 spread out
      in a dozen cities was never considered.
      2b. Many Muslims have forgotten that the Soviets took Kabul in
      ONE DAY and the other cities in three days. EIGHT YEARS LATER they
      withdrew in defeat.

      A sophisticated process of psychological warfare was carried out:

      1. Every area of Afghanistan was bombed so that the population could
      see the power of America. Anything outstanding, old buildings, lonely
      air strips, official buildings, radio stations were bombed, with one
      out of every five to ten bombs "going by mistake" into civilian
      populations. The Afghan people, living at the margins of survival,
      started leaving their homes in large numbers. THUS THE POPULATION

      2. All renegade and rogue elements in Afghanistan were provided food,
      weapons, money and military support from the air. They were
      encouraged to move forward behind a curtain of U.S. bombs.

      3. The U.S. intelligence knew that the Taliban would have to withdraw
      from the cities to survive. At the withdrawal from Mazare Sharif, the
      U.S. feigned a lot of suprise and even pretended that there might be
      a Taliban counterattack. (A guerrilla force cannot counterattack in
      an open area where its every move is open to bombing from the air.
      After the Mazar withdrawal, the U.S. carried out a skillful
      disinformation campaign to create the impression that the Taliban
      were withdrawing because they were finished.)
      3a. Just before every withdrawal, we hear the campaign that the
      Taliban are being defeated and are "surrendering" (although it's not
      clear to whom). This encouraged all the tribal, ethnic and lawless
      elements to come out of their dens to make life difficult for the
      Taliban and for the general population.
      3b. American money is flowing like water to gain the support of
      every possible hypocrite. In any stern, Islamic, state, the corrupt
      elements become hypocrites, always ready to join the enemy. {The
      price for Osama's head is $25 million.}


      As we pointed out on the third day of the bombing, the U.S.
      assault failed in its attempt to kill Mullah Omar and Osama right at
      the outset.

      Pervez Musharraf had advised them to do so: they tried hard but it
      didn't work. None of the Taliban was willing to tell the Americans
      where to bomb inspite of the $25 million hit.
      We then pointed out that it no longer matters if the Islamic
      heroes are killed. They already consider themselves martyred. Their
      role is purely symbolic to rally and unite the Muslim world. The
      message is now out and for generations to come new Omars and Osamas
      will emerge to fight the imperialist-zionist combine.


      The Taliban and the mujahideen will probably disperse into the
      mountains. The situation will revert into the one like that time when
      the Soviets and the Communist allies ruled Afghanistan.

      1. If the Mullah and the Mujahid survive, gradually the Muslim world
      will send them military help and they will become the nucleus of
      worldwide jihad.

      2. If they do not survive and are exalted to al-Jannah, the
      jihad will be very slowed down but, inshallah, it will emerge again.
      The Taliban will rise again, perhaps under some other name. They
      might get help from China, Iraq and other forces which might want to
      bleed pro-American forces just as the Americans did with the Soviets
      at one time.

      3. Guerrilla warfare is a slow process and its results will
      emerge slowly over the coming years.


      1. If there is a change in Pakistan and Musharraf is replaced by a
      pro-Pakistan government, the doors of support for the Taliban will re-

      2. Some of the Taliban formations have made peace with the northern
      alliance to avoid bombing by the U.S. air force. These forces could
      come back into the struggle.

      3. An Islamic victory in JUST ONE ARAB COUNTRY could change the

      4. An American attack on Iraq could backfire.
      All four are within the realm of possibilities but the Imperialist
      forces are aware of them and will work to avoid them.

      Other possibilities:
      THE NORTHERN ALLIANCE IS NOT HOMOGENOUS. It consists of factions
      like the Dostum communists, the Tajiks under Prof Rabbani and the
      Hazara Shi'ites.

      They united owing to the victorious push of the Taliban before this
      war. The communists and the Shi'ites are very unpopular in
      Afghanistan and are a force only owing to Russian and Iranian help.
      Under Prof. Rabbani, the Tajiks are an interesting assortment. They
      think that their leader Cmdr. Masood was killed by al-Qaeda agents.
      The murder itself is a mystery. Cmdr. Masood was very wary of the
      Arabs in Afghanistan.
      Why would he allow two of them to come and interview him? It is said
      that the camera they were carrying blew up, killing him. Prof.
      Rabbani should set up a commitee to investigate the murder. If it is
      discovered that the killers were double agents, that could change the

      Rabbani has made a number of interesting statements.
      He said:
      1. British forces are not needed in Kabul.
      2. Pakistan followed American instructions not to recognize Rabbani's
      government in 1992 and now in 2001 Pakistan is again following
      America's signals not to help the Taliban.

      Is it possible that under the layers of Tajik nationalism, Islam
      might still have some place in the thinking of Rabbani's forces?
      Some observers think that Rabbani's forces will be fighting the
      Americans in a couple of years. Is a Taliban-Rabbani alliance
      unthinkable? Was Masood killed to make that impossible?


      oppose the Taliban are hurting at the catastrophe imposed by the U.S.

      Islam is the soul of these people: when they are deeply hurt, their
      hidden faith emerges even among those who have made compromises and
      shaved their beards.

      They can see the honored mothers and daughters of Islam wandering
      around barefooted in refugee camps at the whims and fancies of
      American food supplies after being bombed out of their homes. Any
      Pashtun who is a Muslim and a man will take revenge for such
      dishonor. Many even weak Muslims are now thinking in the words of the
      Urdu poet:
      "Aye kushta-e-sitam, tairi ghairat ko kia huwa? ( O thou who are
      dying of oppression, what happened to your sense of honor and self-

      New Trend Magazine http://www.NewTrendMag.org
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