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Dr. Leon & K.S.:Zionist agenda > Taliban+Mark Glenn vs anti-Semitism+U.S. strike:150 women,children k+Swat bombed+Imam Jamil

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  • kaukab siddique
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      New Trend Magazine

      Biggest Islamic web site in the USA.
      Phone: 443-869-5233.
      Email: butshikan@.... Subscription for printed edition: $10 for 3 months. Mail check to: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.
      Disclaimer: Views expressed are not necessarily shared by the editors. New Trend does not endorse violence of any kind. Information on news or views related to violence is for analysis and understanding, not for endorsement. New Trend is against racism, classism, gender superiority, Zionism and Imperialism.
      The Qur'an and the authentic Hadith are our foundation.
      All views are welcome but only a selection can be published owing to high volume of mail. Anyone criticized in New Trend has the right of reply up to 300 words.


      Jamada al-Awwal 12,1430/ May 7, 2009, # 21

      Latest news of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin:  On May 1 and 2 Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman [North Carolina] along with Imam Jamil's brother Ed Brown visited the man known as the Imam of America in the maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado. He found Imam Jamil very upbeat and high spirited as usual. However, it gradually became apparent that the Imam is being treated very badly in prison and this should not be allowed to continue.  Legal means are being organized to get Imam Jamil transferred to a facility nearer to his home in Georgia.
      Remember Imam Jamil in your du'as and pray for his release.
      Another astounding presentation by Mark Weber. After reading this, you'll find it meaningless to think of World War II as a war between good and evil.  Weber's documentation and emphasis on facts rather than opinion makes him a must read. We urge Muslims to support his research. Scroll way down for this latest report. [Mark Weber was an honored guest at Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Peace Conference in Baltimore.]
      Spotlight # 3 from Imam Badi Ali:
           If you want to be a leader, become a reader! The Qur'anic revelation began with the command: Read! To lead, READ!
      See previous issue for Spotlight #1 and #2.
      Latest war news: U.S. kills 150 Civilians in Farah Province: Pakistan Bombs Swat: Air lifts troops to Mingora

      May 4, 5, 6, 2009. With the arrival of Karzai of Kabul and Asif Zardari of Pakistan in the U.S., heavy weapons strikes were launched by the U.S. and Pak in Farah province of Afghanistan and Swat valley in Pakistan's Frontier province.

       Reuters reports truckloads of bodies of women and children being brought to Herat after U.S. air strikes in the village of Bala Boluk, Farah province. The International Red Cross Reports that the bombing killed 13 members of one family, including a Red Crescent relief worker.
      A member of the Farah provincial council, Balqis Roshan, said her information, based on talking to locals, was that more than 150 civilians were killed. [AFP]
       Reuters has published photos of the bombed homes but the U.S. commander in Afghanistan David Mckiernan is blaming the Taliban, though he admits, no American has reached the area. [U.S. commanders pretend that Taliban do not care for their own women and children. New Trend observers say Afghans would rather die than let anyhing happen to their women and children.]
      May 6-7: The very latest is that airlifted Pak troops entered Mingora [the capital of Swat] and joined up with a small Pak garrison there. At least 20 Taliban were killed in the surprise attack along with 14 Pak troops. Heavy fighting is going on as we go to the press. Most of Mingora remains in Taliban hands. Heavy Pak bombardment has forced 100,000 people to leave Swat in ONE DAY. Islamic al-Khidmat group is providing relief to the homeless.

       Pakistan's heavy artillery and helicopter gunships are pounding Mingora and other parts of Swat killing 37 civilians and 5 Taliban and forcing  people to leave their homes. In Israeli style, Pak military is ordering civilians in Swat to leave as it continues to carry out free fire attacks. More fighting is reported from Buner where Taliban are resisting Pak elite troops. A Taliban attack in Malakand [Butkhela area] killed 5 Pak troops and wounded 4. [Lower Dir is back in control of the Pak Taliban but is being raided by Pak helicopters.]
      At least 85 orphans are trapped in an orphanage as the Pak long range heavy artillery pounds Mingora.  Taliban  in Swat are are digging in and awaiting an all out assault by Pak forces following warnings from Washington that it will not tolerate Shari'a Law in Swat district. 
      Leader of Peaceful Movement
      Jamaate Islami Leader Munawar Hasan Condemns Pak Military Action against Pak Taliban
          April 29, 2009. Syed Munawar Hasan, the leader of Pakistan's biggest Islamic movement, Jamaate islami, which wants peaceful change in Pakistan, issued a detailed and categorical denuciation of Pakistan's military action against the Taliban. He said the military action is a continuation of U.S. drone bombings of Pakistani villages. The army assault has not been discussed with the Pakistani people and will have serious consequences for the country. Large numbers of civilians are being killed in the assault and villages are being blasted open, he said. The government's claim that "terrorists" are being killed in the army operations is baseless, he said. The people are opposed to the army action and have demonstrated in large numbers against it, he said. Finally talks will have to be held, he said. Why not start now?
      Our America: Obama Day 106 [Not counting Inauguration Day]
      President Obama Meets Karzai and Asif Zardari: Two Agents of U.S.-Israeli Imperialism
      May 6: ‘We meet today as three sovereign nations joined by a common goal —to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies,’ Obama said.
      Obama Day 99
      Pakistan Military Action against Islamic People is at U.S. Instigation.
      MSNBC April 29

      The Pakistani offensives are “exactly the appropriate response” to the Taliban advance, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Tuesday.

      “We are hopeful and encouraging of the Pakistani military that they are able to sustain these operations against the militants and to stem this encroachment on the more populated areas of Pakistan.


      Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
      A Movement for Peaceful Transformation
      P.O. Box 10881
      Baltimore, MD 21234
      U.S. Agenda behind Attacks on Taliban: Are Pak Nuclear Weapons a Problem for the U.S.? Obama & Muslims
            On May 2, 2009 Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed by Dr. Wilmer Leon on the "On with Leon Show." It is a uniquely independent program and attracts analysts as different as Congressman Conyers and Osama bin Laden specialist Michael Scheur. Major media find Dr. Siddique too intimidating for their programs. By contrast Dr. Leon considers him a friend and lets him speak live and without prior vetting. Dr. Leon's viewpoint explains this courage. It's reflected in a quote on the portal of his web site, www.wilmerleon.com from Dr. Dubois:
        "I agee with Paul Robeson absolutely, that Negroes should never willingly fight in an unjust war. I do not share his honest hope that all will not. A certain sheep-like disposition, inevitably born of slavery will, I am afraid, lead many of them to join America in any enterprise, provided the whites will grant grant them equal right to do wrong." [Dr. Dubois 1950.]
      [Replace "Negroes" with "Muslims" and it applies so well to the condition of Muslims working as collaborators in every country.]
           Here is a summary of the main points in Dr. Siddique's half hour interview in response to Dr. Leon's questions:
      • Americans know very little about the Taliban. For instance, the Taliban in Afghanistan are distinct and separate from the Taliban in Pakistan, both in organization and leadership.
      • The Taliban in Pakistan too are diverse and decentralized and hence difficult to overcome. Baitullah Mehsud, Mullah Nazir, Maulvi Fazlullah and Maulana Sufi Muhammad are not leading one, monolithic organization.
      • Pakistani Taliban are not battle hardened like the Afghan Taliban who are taking on NATO. The Pakistani Taliban  are highly motivated but only slowly learning to fight back as they come under U.S.-Pak attacks and endure heavy losses.
      • The Pak Taliban do help the Afghan Taliban to some extent but this cohesion comes from faith, not organization. This is a peoples' resistance movement.
      • The Pak Taliban movement is gaining rapid popularity all over Pakistan. A major reason is the Taliban's ability to provide quick justice. Pakistani courts take years to resolve minor cases while the Taliban do it in one day.
      • Pak forces are trying to crush the Taliban at the behest of the U.S. If the Paks fail, probably the U.S. will go in.
      • Pakistani response to the attacks on the Taliban is stiffening. Syed Munawar Hasan, leader of Pakistan's biggest Islamic movement, Jamaate Islami, which works for peaceful change, is openly condemning the attacks on the Taliban and praising the system set up by the Taliban in Afghanistan before the U.S. invasion. [Hasan was interviewed by Dr. Leon several years back.]
      • The Pakistani government [led by Benazir Bhutto's husband] is extremely corrupt and lacks the ability to solve the root problems posed by injustice, poverty and lack of people's rule.
      • Don't worry about Pakistani nukes. They do not pose a threat to the U.S. In fact, according to America's Secret War by Friedman, the Pak nukes have already been secured by  U.S. Special Forces. 
      • The American moves, linked to the Israeli agenda, have three objectives: 1. Defeat Islamic resurgence. 2. Make India the regional power. 3. Pave the way for economic exploitation of the region with projects such as the pipeline through Afghanistan which the Taliban did not accept.
      • Pakistanis and Palestinians are very cynical about President Obama but many Muslims still think that given time, Obama will break with the dark past of Bush which smeared America. There is some hope that slowly but steadily Obama will bring his own team forward. Right now he is still working with Secretary Gates and General Petraeus, both Bush people. Hillary Clinton too is from the era of her husband when Iraqis were subjected to sanctions and embargo. She is not a symbol of hope or change but Obama is obligated to her for her election support.
      • The hope is slim. Some Muslims even believe [such optimists!] that all the Islamic political prisoners held within the U.S. will be released. Only time will tell.
      Escalate the Boycott of Nestle Products: Nestle is Deeply invested in Israel
            We are calling for systematic boycott of Nestle' products. This is the message from Sis. Karen English [California] Director of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott of Businesses which Support Zionism. Sis. Karen is calling on readers of New Trend to sign and send the following letter [or something similiar] to Nestle'.  [Sample letter:]
       Nestle, USA [Attn. Paul Bulcke]
       2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
      Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
      I 'm writing as one of many consumers who've decided to find alternatives to Nestle's products. I've recently discovered that Nestle' is heavily invested in Israel. Through its joint ventures with companies in Israel [Osem, Materna], Nestle' is helping to perpetuate Israel's apartheid policies and human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.
      I'm aware that you have vowed never to capitulate to the Arab Boycott of your company.
      I am not an Arab. I'm an American citizen who must follow my conscince. I'm not under any impression that you will reconsider your policies as a result of this letter.
      Still, I feel compelled to inform Nestle' that for every product Nestle' produces there is an alternative. I will be gladly reaching past the Nestle' products to choose one from a company that does not wantonly disregard human rights for all.
      Note: Nestle' products include: Nescafe, Nestea, Nestle Carnation, Tasters; Choice, Nestle' Hot Cocoa, Coffeemate, Raisinet and many others.
      From Mark Glenn [Idaho] [crescentandcross.com]

      Mark Glenn is probably the most outspoken critic of Jewish hegemony and terrorism, from a viewpoint steeped in the teachings of Jesus, pbuh.

      Jamaat al-Muslimeen honored him for his efforts at the International Peace Conference held in Baltimore in 2008.

      Zionism: Jewish supremacism, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid. Zionism dehumanizes the human race. Solution: Outlaw Zionism.

      Tuesday, May 5, 2009

      Are you Legally anti-semitic?

      Antisemitism as defined by Congress and the US State Dept

      On Oct 16, 2004 AD, President Bush signed into law the global anti-Semitism review act; which is quite interesting. The United States state Department list the following sets of beliefs as being anti-Semitic.

      1. Any assertion that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world is anti-Semitic.

      2. Any strong anti-Israel sentiment is anti-Semitic.

      3. Virulent criticism of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic.

      4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature, especially the Talmud and the Kabala is anti-Semitic. [I wonder if that includes the traditions of the elders that Jesus criticized. “And woe unto the Pharisees” that Jesus said.]

      5. Criticism of the US government and congress for being under influences of the Jewish/Zionist community, including AIPEC, is anti-Semitic.

      6. Criticism of the Jewish/Zionist community for promoting Globalism, [the New World Order] is anti-Semitic.

      7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic.

      8. Diminishing the 6 million figure of the holocaust victims is anti-Semitic.

      9. Calling Israel a racist state is anti-Semitic.

      10. Asserting that there exists a Zionist conspiracy is anti-Semitic.

      11. Claiming the Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik revolution is Russia is anti-Semitic. [I guess you have to revise history].

      12. Making derogatory statements about Jewish persons is anti-Semitic. Now isn’t this interesting and all inclusive?

      P.S. If you have functioning brain matter between your ears, you're probably legally anti-semitic. Anti-semitism seems to go hand and hand with truth and knowing truth.
      FBI is supported by U.S. Muslim Groups which make ISNA-CAIR-ICNA look like Mujahideen

      by Malangbaba [A human rights activist in New Orleans, Louisiana]


      "death in honor is preferable to life in humiliation" - Imam Husayn (alaih salam)


      For a list of out and out sellout organizations claiming to be Muslims, and modern day Haman, read this article:

      Some Muslims Support FBI's Stand Against CAIR
      By Matt Coker in A Clockwork Orange, Main, OC Media

      The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has an office in Anaheim, has been in the news (and on this blog) a lot lately following official confirmation that the FBI has been spying on the Islamic Society of Irvine mosque.

      CAIR and the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County were among several Muslim advocacy groups that signed on to a statement saying they are considering breaking ties with the feds over such snooping and the FBI's previous breaking of ties with CAIR. But not every Muslim group supports that stand. A different coalition of American Muslim groups has issued a statement of its own commending the FBI.

      We, the undersigned American Muslims, have long known the true character of CAIR and its allies. Therefore:

      • We observe that they denounce "terrorism" in general terms but not the specific actions of Islamist groups like Hamas or Hezbollah. They denounce violence but not the ideologies behind it.
      • We observe their commitment to radical aims, their attempts to chill free speech by calling critics of radical Islam "Islamophobes," and their false, ugly accusations against moderate American Muslims who disagree with their agenda.
      • We reject any claim that CAIR and its supporters are legitimate civil liberties advocates or appropriate partners between the U.S. government and American Muslims.
      • We congratulate the FBI for adopting a firmer attitude toward CAIR, as a defense of Americans of all faiths from the menace of radical Islam, including Muslims of all backgrounds - Sunni, Shia, Sufi, secular, etc.
      • We call on the U.S. Department of Justice to affirm and continue this decision.
      • We call on the entire United States government to follow suit in rejecting relations with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
      The statement is signed by Kemal Silay, president of the Center for Islamic Pluralism; Supna Zaidi, assistant director of Islamist Watch; M. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy; Imaad Malik, fellow with the Center for Islamic Pluralism; Ahmed Subhy Mansour with the International Quranic Center; Khalim Massoud, whose email address is Reform Islam; Nawab Agha Mousvi of the American Muslim Congress; Kiran Sayyed of the Council for Democracy and Tolerance; Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism; a group called Shia Protest; and Jalal Zuberi, Southern U.S. director with the Center for Islamic Pluralism.
      Letter: Re: FATWA on Pakistan by Imam Badi Ali

      Does the following Hadîth apply to suicide bombers who are known to be Muslim?


      The Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: “If a person kills himself with an iron (knife), he will be in Hell with his knife in his hand stabbing himself (and abiding) there forever. If a person kills himself with poison, his poison will be in his hand taking it in Hell (abiding there) forever. If a person throws himself down a mountain to death, hewill go down into Hell continuously forever.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


      Hamdiyah Fatimah


      Letter: Re: Fatwa on Pakistan: Isn't Suicide bombing Haram

      Dear Imam, assalamualikum,
      This refers to your Fatwa on Taliban's fighting against the Zionist-Imperialist forces.  May I ask your goodself whether you approve and support siucide bombings- in order to destroy the enemy of Islam, one dies himself as a human bomb by igniting the belt-bomb strapped around his body.  Islam does not justify the means to achieve the goal, if it stands against Islamic tenets.
      Please clarify.
      With best regards and prayers.
      Hamza Kallada, India
      New Trend research and response by Kaukab Siddique: What kind of war are the Taliban fighting? How to stop "suicide bombings."
         Imam Badi Ali did not say anything in his FATWA on the issues mentioned in these letters. It seems that the letter writers connect Taliban with "suicide bombing." Here is New Trend's research on these matters:
      1. The term "suicide bombing" is a Zionist term meant to denigrate  armed opponents of Zionism and Imperialism
      2. Those who are launching these attacks call themsevles martyrdom operators. We should call people by names of their choice, not those chosen by others.
      3. The Hadith quoted by Sis. Hamdiyah is about suicide. It is not about jihad or death of any kind during jihad.  A suicider kills himself for issues related to his lack of hope, while a jihad fighter attacks the enemies of Islam sacrificing himself/herelf in the process and hopes for paradise in the other world.
      4. All soldiers, Muslim or non-Muslim, go to the battlefield knowing that they might get killed or even be blown to bits.
      5. The Qur'an does not allow Muslims to run from the battlefield: Only tactical retreat is permitted. Thus Muslims fighting for Islam go to the battlefield not only willing but eager to sacrifice themselves. This is not suicide and Allah promises such men and women Paradise forever and the company of houris and ghilman. As Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a., put it to the kuffar: The Muslims love death as much as you love life.
      5. With the Taliban [as with the Iraqis and Palestinians], a further complication is that they do not have  jet fighters, or helicopter gunships or heavy artillery or tanks or night vision technology. There is absolutely no equivalence in weaponry. The Taliban, both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are fighting a guerrilla war in which martyrdom operations are the only weapon which can put fear into the hearts of overwhelming forces being used by the U.S. and Pak militaries.
      6. Martyrdom operations sometimes do not reach their targets and end up killing innocent people. Notice that American and Pak militaries which have precision weapons are killing huge numbers of civilians.
      7. The lesson of this tragic situation is that war must be stopped. Islam will not accept slavery. Islam is resurgent in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Even if all the Islamic leaders are killed, new ones will emerge and the resistance will continue.
      8. Let us urge President Obama to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and stop arming and funding the Pakistani military. Peace is the answer and it does not come through occupation and bombardment.
      An Unknown Holocaust: Mass Killing, `Ethnic Cleansing' and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans by the Victorious Allies
      Mark Weber -- Worldwatch (Audio MP3 file)

      Weber reviews the little-known story of misery a

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