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  • Dave Cushman
    Hi (prospective member) I have set up this discussion group for the use of anybody that is interested in the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001
      Hi (prospective member)

      I have set up this discussion group for the use of anybody that is
      interested in the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees.

      The II-List is for the discussion of new ideas and techniques in
      instrumental insemination and the use of, and manufacture of, insemination

      Whilst members of IINGRIDD may find this a useful resource it is open to
      anyone and it is hoped that I may be able to cajole various experts and
      noted academics to join us. If you have any expertise in II please join us
      and share your knowledge.

      A summary of list traffic will be included in the IINGRIDD newsletter for
      Snail Mail
      posting to non internet IINGRIDD members.

      I do not expect that there will be much traffic on this list so that it will
      be unlikely to overburden your inbox.

      For security purposes... attachments are not allowed and I request that you
      set your Email client so that messages are sent to the list in plain text
      only. (There have been a spate of attachment propagated worms recently.)

      There are Database, Files and Photo Album facilities which can be accessed
      by members and viewed by anyone. These facilities are on the II-List
      webpage, which is...


      If you wish to subscribe

      Send a blank Email to...


      Your subscription will be approved by the moderator and you will receive an
      Email within 24 hours (or sooner) advising you that your subscription has
      been enabled.

      Messages for the list should be sent to...


      Messages about the operational side of the list should be sent to...


      And if you should wish to cease membership of the group send Email to...


      If you wish to suspend your membership (due to holidays or working away from
      home) then unsubscribe and when you return you may subscribe again.

      If all else fails... My Email is...
      and I will endeavor to correct matters.


      This list is about Instrumental Insemination and is not a bee breeding
      group. It is not intended that any particular strain of bee should become a
      discussion topic. There are other lists and groups for that purpose. Please
      stick to the subject. (The discussion of genetic theories and allele
      problems are allowed provided that the discussion is generalised to all
      strains and not a specific race.)

      Questions on bee management are not appropriate unless they deal with
      specific practices of drone and queen rearing for ultimate II purposes. This
      is not a list for general beekeeping problems, there are many others for
      that see...


      for suitable general beekeeping discussion groups.

      Personal comments should be directed to the person concerned by direct Email
      as they clog up the automatic archive facility and disrupt the flow of the

      Please do not include the senders text when replying to a message, by all
      means snip out phrases or sentances to reply to, but please do not include
      the whole of the original message.

      As a supplement to this discussion forum I will expand and tidy up the
      Instrumental Insemination section of my website and I will publish there,
      any drawings or material from list members that merits wider exposure. If
      you have items that deserve such treatment, please contact me at...

      I hope you will at all times be civil to each other and observe suitably
      high standards of etiquette and language. (The list is unmoderated and thus
      relies on you good judgment.)

      73s and Regards from Dave Cushman G8MZY
      Website: http://website.lineone.net/~dave.cushman
      IBList Archive: http://website.lineone.net/~d.cushman
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