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IFCE Weekly News (July 16 - 20 , 2012)

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    Dear All, Attached our weekly news. You can find more information about IFCE on our website: www.ifce.org Or contact yaochong@ifce.org. Best, IFCE DC Office
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    Dear All,

    Attached our weekly news.

    You can find more information about IFCE on our website: www.ifce.org
    Or contact yaochong@....

    IFCE DC Office

    Catalgue of News

    United States

    Nebraska Farms Ordered to Halt Irrigation amid Drought
    Natgas Drillers’ Water Use Cut Due to Pennsylvania Drought
    Bill Clinton on Managing Scarce Resources
    West Virginia Selenium Pollution: Lawsuit Filed Against Alpha Natural Resources
    Apple Repeats Love of EPEAT
    Increase in Extreme Weather Influencing Opinion on Climate Change
    Keystone XL Route Still Crosses Fragile, Sandy Soil Areas, Nebraska Regulators Say
    EPA to Consider Relaxing an Air Pollution Rule


    China’s Young and Restless Could Test Legal System
    China Protests Use Health Threats as Rallying Cry
    China Builds Most Ecologically Friendly Cities.
    A Drop in China’s Dirty Water Bucket
    Average Chinese Person's Carbon Footprint Now Equals European's
    China’s Per Capita Emissions Nearly as High as Europe’s
    China's Total Natural Gas Supply To Nearly Double To 269.5 Bcm by 2015: Government
    Dongjiang Overloaded


    Understanding the Impact of Renewable on the Marine Environment
    Cioloş Joins Environmentalists in Defending Greener CAP
    Germany May Scrap Energy-Source Goal as Overhaul Stumbles
    Brussels divided Over Agricultural Reforms
    Lobbyists Brace for New Battle over EU Energy Efficiency
    European Commission, Turkmenistan to Discuss Energy Supplies in September
    Cut Emissions, Not the Economy
    EU Energy Chief Warms to Offshore Oil and Shale Gas
    2012 Olympics Might Bring the Worst Air Quality in Europe
    A European Perspective on the U.S. Shale Energy Revolution


    Innovative Conservation: Bandanas to Promote New Park in the Congo
    Nigeria: Ministry to Boost Fish Production in Rivers and Bayelsa
    Strangest Island in the Caribbean may be a sanctuary for critically endangered coral
    Northern Hemisphere Experiences Warmest June on Record
    Zambia: Water, Sanitation, and the Big Challenge
    Clever Whale Shark Video Goes Viral
    Over 500 Dead Penguins Wash Up in Brazil, Cause under Investigation
    Struggling to Conserve Seed Biodiversity: the Gaps and Wisdom in Current Research
    Borneo’s Forests Face Dire Future from Global Warming
    First Video Footage of Wild Snow Leopard Cubs in Their Den in Mongolia
    Brazil Cripples Illegal Gold Mining Operations in Indigenous Territory
    Zimbabwe: Water Shortages Blamed for Typhoid Outbreak in Chitungwiza
    Experts: Sustainable Logging in Rainforests Impossible
    Panda vs. Orangutans: With Native Species at Risk, Malaysia's Panda Bear Project A Boondoggle
    Kenya: Water Harvesting Slakes Thirst at Innovative Kenyan Inn
    Kenya: Mass Vaccination Due After Deaths of 1,300 Animals
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