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  • sirjohnmor
    Award-Winning Finalist in the Business& Leadership Category of the 2012 International Book Awards TITLE: Fundamentals of Project Sustainability:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2012
      "Award-Winning Finalist in the Business& Leadership Category of the 2012 International Book Awards"

      TITLE: Fundamentals of Project Sustainability: Strategies, Processes and Plans



      This book elaborates on the various project sustainability metrics, characteristics, measurement, indexes and parameters involved in the effective and efficient implementation of projects. Various aspects of project sustainability such as financial, economic, social, cultural, political, legal, environmental and educational are explored for a comprehensive approach for project implementation. The book also provides an exhaustive elaboration on the theories of sustainable management postulated by the Gurus of Total Quality Management such as Edward Deming, Joseph Juran, Philip Crosby, Walter Shewhart, Kaoru Ishikawa and Shigeo Shingo. Other contemporary business concepts such as Six Sigma Methodology, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, and S.W.O.T Analysis, the S.M.A.R.T Techniques which help in project monitoring and evaluation and ultimate sustainability are discussed. The book elaborates on the Project Sustainability Management (PSM) concept which gives room for effective and efficient implementation of various sustainability processes, systems, structures and other activities. It also provides a series of Project Sustainability Management training forms and templates for various project management processes and a very comprehensive and elaborate Strategic and Sustainable Implementation Plan (SIP).

      The book is intended as a consulting manual for scholars, researchers, professional consultants in project management, quality assurance, quality improvement and general management, health research institutions, hospitals and clinics, health insurance companies, small and large-scale businesses, Governmental and Non-Governmental and other international organizations involved in the implementation of projects around the world. This book is also intended to be a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in business schools, vocational and other trade centers.

      Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4701-9764-3

      eBook ISBN: 978-1-62110-607-4

      Author: John Morfaw, MBA

      Email:sirjohnmor@...; Website: www.tanyimorproject.com;

      Tel: (610) 453-2409
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