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FW: [UCAPO] Call for papers - CAPA Forum 2011 - Global Governance and China Development, July 31-August 2, 2011, Tianjin, China

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      From: UCAPO@yahoogroups.com [mailto:UCAPO@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Hua Wang
      Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 12:26 PM
      To: Ucapo Board; PACE PACE
      Subject: [UCAPO] Call for papers - CAPA Forum 2011 - Global Governance and China Development, July 31-August 2, 2011, Tianjin, China



      Dear friends:


      Please help dissiminate this announcement to your member lists. Many thanks, Wang Hua


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      Subject: [CAPAWashington] Call for papers - CAPA Forum 2011 - Global Governance and China Development, July 31-August 2, 2011, Tianjin, China [1 Attachment]



      CAPA Forum 2011

      Global Governance and China development

      in A New international Structure


      July 31 – August 03, 2011


       Tianjin, China



      Chinese Association for Public Affairs

      Chinese Staff Association of the World Bank-IMF-IDB

      Nankai University’s China Centre for International Development




      At the dawn of the new decade the world is entering a new era. Since the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, many developing countries have maintained rapid  economic growth, while the major developed countries have been experiencing the most serious economic challenges since WWII. With emerging economies growing much faster and accounting for an increasing, and soon dominant, share of the global total, dramatic changes are taking place in the structure of the world economy. Developing countries led by the emerging economies, where the majority of the world population resides, are playing a more and more important role in the world economic development and global governance. The existing global economic and political orders dominated by the developed countries are undergoing change. This brings great opportunities for not only China , but the developing world as a whole.


      Meanwhile, the world is facing unprecedented challenges: the fragile recovery from the global financial crisis, climate change, international trade and currency disputes, shocks of energy and food prices, regional conflicts, terrorism, and so on. Most, if not all, of the issues are global and need to be tackled with a global view under international collaboration. There has been growing expectation from the international community for more Chinese participation in and contribution to global governance. With a larger share of the world’s economy leading to stronger impacts, China is also willing to take more responsibility in developing the new global framework and governing international affairs, bilaterally or multilaterally, via schemes such as G20, ASEAN and BRICS etc.


      Domestically, China also faces many development challenges.  However, solving these domestic issues is not in conflict, but is compatible with better managing international affairs. Rising as the second largest economy, China is kicking off the first year of its 12th Five-Year-Plan in 2011. This is a starting point for a new journey in the new world structure. How to deal with these development opportunities and challenges in the coming decade and adjust China ’s role in managing various international affairs in the new and evolving international context is a huge topic in front of the Chinese policy makers.


      Forum Topics


      The focus of CAPA Forum 2011 will be on global governance and development in China. The forum will include the following broad topics:

      1   Global governance and China

      2   International trade and finance

      3   Resources and environment, population and urbanization, and social development


      Call for Papers


      Both domestic and international experts in the fields of global governance and China’s development from the governments, academia, international organizations, and private sectors are to be invited to exchange views, practical experiences and research results. A conference proceeding will be edited and published. For those who are interested in presenting in the forum, please submit presentation or paper abstracts to CAPAforum2011@... before May 25, 2011. Both English and Chinese are accepted.




      The forum is to be organized in Tianjin between July 31 and August 03, 2011. The forum will be conducted in both Chinese and English. For registration, please send names and affiliations to CAPA2011regist@... before June 25, 2011. A registration fee of USD 160.00 (or RMB 1,000) will be required on July 31, 2011, to cover the receptions and documents; the registration fee can be waived for students. Participants are expected to cover their own expenses. More information can be found on CAPA website (www.capadc.com).  




      For further inquiries, please contact the forum committee at CAPA2011regist@.... For urgent matters, please call Ms. Li Jie (202-473-4716) in the United States or Mr. Zhao Longyue (13331159659) in China.



      CAPA系列论坛 2011



      2011731日~ 83


















      1)      中国与国际治理

      2)      国际贸易与金融

      3)      资源与环境人口和城市化, 社会发展








      论坛将于2011731日至83在中国天津举办。希望参会者,请将姓名、单位、职称等信息发到 CAPA2011regist@...;注册截止日期为2011625。会议注册费为160美元 (或1000元人民币),请与会者在报到时缴纳。论坛组委会将联系会议宾馆;参会者食宿费用自理,招待宴席除外;学生免收注册费。更详细的信息将会发布在CAPA的网站上(www.capadc.com.







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