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IFCE projects/activities summary 2008

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    IFCE Annual Report- Projects and Activities 2008 Environmental Education and Training Program 1. Youth Conservation Tour in US IFCE, jointly with the Yunnan
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      IFCE Annual Report- Projects and Activities 2008

      Environmental Education and Training Program

      1. Youth Conservation Tour in US

      IFCE, jointly with the Yunnan Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, organized a youth conservation tour from July 20-Aug. 11 in US. Eight children aging from 11-14 in Kunming joined the tour. They stayed in the host families in DC for one week and visited botanic garden, green buildings, natural history museum, etc. They then toured east and west coasts for two weeks, toured national parks, history features and famous universities, etc. The kids gained knowledge in conservation and also tasted American living and expanded their experience. The children reported back to their schools and the Council after returning to China. Both the host families in US and the kids’ families in China are very satisfied with the program.

      2. Community Environmental and Health Education in Xian and Kunming

      With support from Johnson & Johnson, IFCE and the partners have been implementing the Community Environmental and Health Education project in Xian and Kunming in 2008.

      In Xian, after provided training for 40 selected community leaders and volunteers in Yanta District, these trainees went to their own communities and organized a total of 55 educational events and activities. These activities included performing, knowledge contests, lecturing, debates, posting, green family evaluation and awarding, and a variety of other educational hands-on activities. More than 10 ,000 citizens (including children) were directly involved in these activities. Local TV, radio, and newspapers covered some events. The project won the national award for Excellent Volunteers’ Projects on December 5. IFCE’s partner in Xian is Shaanxi Red Phoenix Volunteers’ Association.

      In Kunming, 40 selected and trained students conducted an awareness survey and then went into six communities and conducted 18 educational activities and events. These activities and events were well received by residents. More than 5,400 citizens (including children) were involved in these activities. Local media also covered some of these activities. Our key partner is Kunming Medical University and IFCE’s Yunnan Office.

      NGO Development and Support Program

      1. Green Campus Development in China

      With support from UN Foundation, IFCE and the partner China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN), completed energy data gathering in 23 colleges, mainly including electricity consumption data for buildings in campuses from January to August 2008. We also developed a web to provide updated project info, college energy saving activities, climate change news, framework of energy consumption database for colleges in China. Most energy data collected will be uploaded to the database. People can check and verify progress of energy conservation in colleges. Other activities in this project include:
      1.Edited 3 issues of CYCAN Briefing, 210 issues of Climate Change News Daily (Chinese) and 25 issues of Weekly Climate Change News Digest in China (English)
      2.Conducted 3 study salons in Beijing for college student leaders
      3.Completed climate change awareness survey for youths in China
      4.Conducted first annual meeting in Changsha and 53 student leaders participated
      5.Gathering more than 500 climate change photographs from college students.
      6. Provided training for students who attended 2008 NGO annul meeting in November

      2. Fifth College Environmental Forum

      IFCE sponsored the Fifth College Environmental Forum in China held in July 22-24, Changsha. The Forum was jointly organized by College Environmental Form, IFCE, WWF and China Youth Climate Action Network. Changsha Sci&Tech University hosted the event. More than 100 people, including 80 student leaders from 24 provinces attended the Forum. WWF’s 2008 Wetland Ambassadors launching ceremony was also held during the Forum.

      The main theme of the Forum is Facing Climate Change, Chinese Student are in Action. After the opening ceremony, the students were divided to three groups to address issues in campus climate change activities, wetland protection and plastics control. They shared experience, and exchanged ideas and learned from each other. Several workshops to enhance the capacities of student groups, such as how to best use network platform to communicate, how to design/implement a training project, etc. were also organized.

      The students also organized an entertainment party. IFCE’s green ambassador, Ms. Lida Wang, a reputable young singer in China, also joined the party and welcomed by students.

      3. Field Investigation to Thousand-lake Mountain, Yunnan

      IFCE sponsored a field scientific investigation to Thousand-lake Mountain nature reserve. The investigation was implemented by Yunnan Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Council from June 5-11, 2008. Thousand-lake Mountain is located in Three Parallel River World Natural Heritage site, northwestern Yunnan. First of such kinds to the area, the survey team, consisting of sixteen experts and professionals, investigated geological structures, landscaping, plant distribution, wetlands conditions, as well as living situation of local residents, covering an area of twelve square kilometers.

      Experts observed that this area maintains the original mountain glacial landscapes, wetlands and plant coverage, such as azalea groups. However, landscapes around Bigu lake, located in the core, three thousands and eight hundreds meters above sea level, were damaged due to a movie making process a couple of years ago. In addition, the fir forests in the region are dead largely due to invasion of yellow-leave bee. The impacted area is estimated more than ten thousands hectares. The damaged area is still expanding. Another observation made was that the area maintains the traditional Tibetan culture which supports the heritage preservation. However, the living situation is quite poor. The local residents are facing pressures to tourism development, which might bring challenges to cultural and natural preservation. For more info, please check www.ynchcc.org.

      4. Environmental Legal Scholar Study Tour

      Sponsored by Bailey Law Group, one of IFCE’s directors, Mr. Feng Jia, a scholar in Legal Assisting Center for Pollution Victums in China, was invited for a study tour to learn environmental legal system/practices in US from May 17-25. Mr. Feng attended an environmental policy conference and visited several NGOs concerning environmental health and safety. He also introduced environmental legal system in China to a groups of environmental lawyers in Washington DC.

      Policy Advising Program

      We submitted seven policy/tech suggestion reports to Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in June. The CPPCC is the highest advisory body to Chinese government. They include:
      • Suggestion to CPPCC to hold a hearing on monitoring, forecasting and prevention on the earthquake in Sichuan
      • Experience on watershed restoration, a case in Chesapeake Bay restoration project
      • A suggestion to establish early -warning system for water quality in Tai and Cao Lakes
      • A suggestion to develop automatic roads/paths in urban areas in China
      • A suggestion on ecological restoration in the regions of mixed agri. and husbandry
      • Turning wastes to treasure-suggestions on circular economy development
      Renewable and distributed energy- effective security strategy.

      Other Projects and Activities

      1. EU- Alashan Biodiversity Conservation Project

      EU- Alashan Biodiversity Conservation Project has been implementing by IFCE and other four partners in 2008. IFCE’s role in the project is to assess the current status of biodiversity conservation and make recommendations to enhance. Since June, we have gathered data from satellite imageries and on ground and conducted analysis. Up to date, we developed a preliminary assessment report and provided to concerned agencies in Alashan government for review and comments.

      2. Important events IFCE involved.

      • Ping He attended UN Investor Summit for Climate Risk on Feb. 14 in New York. More than 450 investor, financial and corporate leaders, nonprofit foundation leaders from around the world attended the event. Nearly 50 leading U.S. and European institutional investors released a climate change action plan at the United Nations that will boost investments in energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.

      • Ping He attended the World Chinese Forum held in Oct. 27-29 in Beijing and delivered a speech on the importance of civil society development in China. The event was organized by the Ministry of Science and Tech and the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of China. More than 300 leading professionals around the world, including the Minister Wan Gang attended the event. One of the top Chinese leaders, Mr. Jia Qinglin met the conference attendees as well.

      • Ms. Fan Liangzhen of Wuhan office, Ms. Lian Fang of Yunnan office and Ping He attended the 2008 Annual NGO Conference on Oct. 30-31 in Beijing. The event was organized by All Chinese Environmental Federation. More than 350 NGOs and student leaders attended. Ping He was invited to provide commentary in the college student session.

      • Ping He attended Cleantech Forum XX on Dec. 5-7 in Shanghai. The event was organized by CleanTech Inc. More than 200 professionals, investors and CEOs attended. Ping He was invited as a panelist to discuss about the importance of partnerships development in promoting clean tech in China.

      • IFCE activity photos were shown on China Central TV’s special documental program “Go Towards Harmony” on Feb. 20. One of them was the college student forum to address climate change in Wuhan last June. In addition, Science& Tech Daily of China published two articles on watershed management and restoration written by Jeff Ji, Xiaomei Zhang and Ping He. (http://www.stdaily.com/gb/stdaily/2008-11/17/content_878888.htm, http://www.stdaily.com/gb/stdaily/2008-09/02/content_855313.htm

      Key financial contributors in 2008.

      UN Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, EU Biodiversity Program, Qwest, Bailey Law Group, Holland& Knight, Omeiou Int’l Commercial Service Center.

      Individuals: Cai Liming, Jianyun Qin, River Duan, Bin Wu, Noah Buckley-Farlee, etc.

      Volunteers (for DC main office):
      Meili Inouye, Joelle Lambert, Tzu-yi Hsu, Rachael Edwards, Xiaomei Zhang, Wennan Xie
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