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weekly climate news in China

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    Weekly News Digest Climate Change in China October 3-9, 2008 ============================================================= October 3 Antarctic Ozone Hole
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      Weekly News Digest
      Climate Change in China
      October 3-9, 2008

      October 3 Antarctic Ozone Hole Expanded (Sina News)

      The World Meteorological Organization reported that the Antarctic ozone hole expanded, compared with last year. Scientists in the field of global warming worry the expanded hole will lead more harmful radiation reaches the earth. A few days ago, the World Meteorological Organization stated in a copy of e-mail that the ozone hole has expanded to 27 million square kilometers, 8 percent more than the maximum in 2007. The ozone depletion occurs most in September to early October every year.


      October 3 Changsha Saved 16.8 Percent of the Total Electricity Consumption This Summer (Sina News)

      This summer, the total electricity consumption declined 16.8 percent in Changsha city relative to last year. It includes a 27 percent declination of household electricity consumption. Changsha is a typical energy-hungry city; there is always a huge gap between electricity demand and supply sides. To ensure the city would function normally this summer and get stable electricity supply during the Beijing Olympic period, the Changsha government launched a campaign theme as "all people save electricity and create a civilized life." This campaign educates public at large to save energy, and also proposed a goal to save 20 percent of electricity with everyone's efforts.


      October7 China Energy Conservation, Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Forum held in Shanghai (National Development and Reform Commission News)

      The China Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Forum in Shanghai International Expo was held by China Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Association, sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Shanghai government.

      Approximately one thousand people attended the forum, including people who work in related business and governmental officials from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Water Resource, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the China Banking Regulatory Commission the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, etc.

      This three-day forum was a great platform propagating industrial policies related to energy conservation and emission reduction, and comprehensive utilization of resources. It also introduced successful cases and technologies, and pushed the policies being implemented in all aspects.


      October 7 U.N. and China sponsor Climate Change Conference (Jiangsu News )

      On October 3, Sha Zukang, the Deputy Secretary-General of Economy and Social Affairs Council in the United Nation declared that the U.N. and China will cooperatively hold a climate change conference from November 7 to 8 in Beijing focusing on international cooperation for the development and technology transition.

      Sha Zukang and Liu, Zhenming, Chinese deputy permanent representative in the U.N., held a press conference announcing general information on the conference to each country’s representatives in the headquarters of the U.N.

      Sha Zukang pointed out that technology transition is significant to combat with climate change. Only by making progress on technology transition, can the international community takes effective measures to fight climate change. This conference offers a platform for each country to overcome the obstacles against the development and technology transition.


      October 9 China Advocated Four Proposals on Enhancing Capacity for Adapting Climate Change in Developing Countries

      The seminar on adaptive capacity for climate change in East Asia Summit was held in Beijing on the 9th. The seminar was co-organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More than 100 people who were scientists, senior officials from member countries of East Asia Summit and representatives of Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretariat, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environment Programs and other international organizations attended the meeting.

      On the topic of enhancing adaptive capacity for climate change, China advocated four proposals: to found international institutions aim at adapting to climate change, to enhancing the adaptive capacity for climate change in developing countries, to develop the technology development and to provide financial support to developing countries.


      October 9 Hejian City Launched Community-based Energy Saving Action to Refuse White Pollution
      “Refuse white pollution, use cloth-bag." A few days ago, Hejiang Women's Federation, Municipal Bureau of Development and Reform, Bureau for Environmental Protection launched a community-based action to save energy and reduce emissions.

      The action encourages women and families to change their current consumption pattern into a more environmental friendly one. It includes having simple life, using water-saving sanitary wares, energy-saving electrical appliances and non-phosphorus detergents; reusing the water; using double sides of paper; using fewer plastic bags and disposable tableware, etc.

      In the opening ceremony, "women volunteers" distributed the cloth bags and environmental initial proposal to the masses. All townships in Hejiang will join the campaign after the ceremony.


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