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Weekly News Digest: Climate Change in China

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    Weekly News Digest Climate Change in China August 18 – 25, 2008 ===================================================================== August 25- The Haier
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      Weekly News Digest
      Climate Change in China
      August 18 – 25, 2008


      August 25- The Haier solar energy plan boost “the energy conservation and emission reductions” (China New Energy Network)

      At the highest-ranking sports event conducted, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has used the strictest screening plans in the facility construction, in both the software and hardware aspects. Among them, “the energy conservation and emission reduction” became an important standard. As we learnt, the Haier Solar, which relies on its “the green energy plan” and the Olympic_level technology has helped the Beijing Olympic Games realize the energy consumption reduction goal.


      August 25- Sichuan purifies the air to response to the global warming
      (Sichuan News Network)

      A forest land of carbon collection in Yigou village, Qingxi town, Qingchuan County in Sichuan Province will make a contribution to response to the change of global climate. Meanwhile, it will generate incomes for farmers. Reporter has been informed from the Sichuan Forestry Department, 34,000 mu of carbon-absorbing forests in our province are waiting for approval by National Development and Planning Commission, after that, it will enter the international carbon trading market to carry on the transaction, earning ‘carbon fee’ and obtaining the economic benefits. This is so-called “selling the air”. There is only one successful case in China so far.


      August 20- Germany, China shine for renewables (carbonpositive.net)
      The US and Germany lead the world as the most attractive countries for investing in renewable energy, while China is catching up and the UK has slipped, according to the latest renewable energy country attractiveness indices published by Ernst & Young.
      The accounting firm scores 25 countries on their national renewable energy markets, renewable energy infrastructure and their physical suitability for individual technologies like wind and solar. The US, Germany, India, China and Spain filled the top five places, Britain fell to sixth and Ireland climbed into the top ten.
      China has risen to fourth in the overall rankings, ahead of most developed countries, on the back of its rapid industrialisation and thirst for energy. The investment climate is positive for investment in all sorts of energy infrastructure, dirty and clean, but a 15 per cent renewable energy target for 2020 has attracted much investor interest from renewables developers around the world, especially in wind power.

      August 19- The fifth Chinese atmosphere observatory settled in Shangrila
      (China News Network)

      The atmosphere observatory, Shangrila, which is the fifth one in China and the first one in southwestern region, is constructed smoothly and has begun its primary observatory work. Being invested 30,000,000 RMB, the atmosphere observatory is still waiting for some installments. After that, it could observe the atmospheric sol, the greenhouse gas, the atmospheric micro gas, solar radiation, as well as collect the wet subsidence samples. All of these will provide the reliable data for the climatic change in the whole world, the fundamental data for the future climate prediction, and the supporting material for the country’s environmental diplomacy.

      August 19- Zheng Guoguang delivered a report about climate change to Qinghai provincial party committee ( China Meteorology Newspaper)

      On August 19, the center group of Qinghai provincial party committee held the study meeting, and invited Chinese Meteorological Bureau party secretary and bureau chief, Zheng Guoguang to deliver an academic report on "To Pay Close Attention to the World Climatic Change Challenge and Strengthen the Country’s Ability to Adapt to it". Zheng Guoguang mainly explained the topic from the past and the present, domestic and abroad, the theory and the practice, as well as analyzed it separately from climatic change’s influence to the whole world and our country, the challenges and the opportunities that the whole world and our country may encounter, and the suggestions to enhance the ability to adapt to the climate change.


      August 7 - A third of China's CO2 generated by exports (NewScientist.com news service)

      While China is often the focus of scathing by environmentalists and the press over carbon dioxide emissions, a new study has found that around 33% of China's CO2 emissions are generated through the creation of goods for export; i.e. other countries have merely outsourced their own greenhouse gas emissions to China.


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