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Re: Training Program on Effective Public Speaking on 25th May 2008 (Sunday)

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  • MahaEngineers
    ... *Registration : On First Come First Serve Basis*
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6 7:58 PM

      Mr Satyanarayan...........Mr Manoj Murthy

      As discussed sending this mail for circulation to our yahoo group

      1) Would you like to develop exceptional Communication Skills?
      2) Do you want to Learn the Secrets of "Communicating to Conquer"?
      3) Have you ever felt unsure of yourself with other people or your mind goes blank when speaking to them?
      4) Do you want to Start a Conversation with Ease and Confidence, Make Small
      Talk and Always Know what to Say... ?
      5) Do you want to know how to exude a confidence & inner strength that makes
      people eager to listen to you?
      6) Do you want to win the approval, admiration and deep appreciation of anyone
      you talk to?
      7) Do you want to become an exceptional Conversationalist?
      8) Do you always want to be sure of saying the right thing?

      If any of the above questions have come across your mind as an Individual or
      in your Organisational Capacity it is time you overhauled YOUR Communication



      Full Day Basic Training Program


      Effective  Presentation  Skills

      For Better Personality

      For Whom : Young Aspiring Engineers, Managers and Professionals

      Batch         : Limited Group of 15 to 20 Participants only

      Material     : CD (worth Rs 200) for all Participants as Course Material

      Investment   : Rs 1000 per head discount 10% for group of three

      Registration : On First Come First Serve Basis

      322nd Batch  : Friday, 20th June 2008 (Pune)

      Timings     : 1330 to 1930 hrs >>>Six hours

      323rd Batch   : Sunday, 29th June 2008 (Mumbai)

      Timings     : 1000 to 1800 hrs >>>Six hours

      Contents    : Key to Better Personality>>>Communication

                          Controlling Fear response, Nervousness

                               Stance & Postures, Gestures

                          Voice Modulations

                          Non-verbal Communications

                          Body Language & Audience Psychology

                          Developing Speech Writing Skills

                               Preparation of memory Cards

                               Preparation for talk

                          Opening / Closing a talk

                          Slides and Power Point Preparation

                          Leadership Development

      Venue        : AIMA-PMA Hall Pune, IEI MSC Hall Mumbai  

         Contact      :      secretary@...
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