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  • Dana MacDermott
    We are home and in the process of unloading the costumes from the van and re-discovering the dining room and living room from under the detritus left by
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2002
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      We are home and in the process of unloading the costumes from the van and
      re-discovering the dining room and living room from under the detritus left
      by costume construction. We slept ten hours last night and are still
      tired. Really tired.
      We want to extend our deep appreciation to the Chicago Costumers' guild
      for the concrete overshoe award. It shall be treasured.
      The absolutely wonderful six-next-week year old who was one of our aliens
      ( had to have scale!) grabbed the Best in Show ribbon in ecstasy and took
      it home, and I have called her mother (also in one of the costumes) to
      negotiate its return. It will be exchanged for one of the less ornate
      ribbons after it has accompanied Rozlyn to the first day of first grade
      today as show and tell. Rozlyn has an interesting future in store, I am
      sure. She will never be a mundane.
      We also received the audience choice award and a workmanship award for
      engineering and detail. Needless to say, all seven of us in the group were
      thrilled beyond belief. Still flying.
      Sandy and Pierre ran a good solid (46 entry) Masquerade, with a couple of
      innovations. The post mortem was so different than they were 10 years or
      so ago, with only discussions of the few glitches and the unfortunate
      architectural set up of the spaces that led to sub optimal photography
      arrangements. Otherwise, it was a positive meeting.
      Zelda and Annie (Gilbert) created the most magnificent re-creation of the
      cover of the Mercedes Lackey Black Swan (and took Best Master, I
      believe. It is kind of difficult to realize what is going on when you are
      in the competition.) It was breathtaking.
      It was an evening of wings, with all of them different. This ranged from
      the swan's deep green velvet to our ten panel iridescent insectile wings,
      via a huge flesh like pair in latex reminiscent of Pterodactyl wings, and a
      vicious blade looking articulated metal cyberpunk set. Cheryl Serr had
      butterfly style wings. Jennifer (Tifft) effectively qualified in the wing
      cluster with a tri paneled back mounted solar sail. There were also others.

      My son, Jaron and his girlfriend Sam were with us and also in one of the
      costumes. Their circus skills allowed them to animate a six legged
      creature who walked on six, four and two legs using sets of forearm
      crutches and a back pack based support structure.
      Any how, Jaron and Sam had spent a school year in New Zealand last year
      (at a circus school affiliated with Christchurch PolyTechnic) and went down
      to the bar at the Fairmont late Saturday after the Masquerade. They
      overheard a polynesian looking man talking with a New Zealand accent, and
      Sam greeted him with a Maori greeting. He was quite surprised (although it
      turned out he was actually of Samoan extraction) and they started
      talking. This was the actor who portrayed Sauron in Lord of the Rings.(I
      do not know whether he was used in motion capture or what) at the Con to
      accept the Hugo should they win. (They did.) He bought Jaron and Samantha
      a drink. So, they ended the evening being bought a drink by the Dark Lord.
      And what did you do on your summer vacation?

      I am still rather dis-jointed and am glad that we only had a one hour
      drive home.
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