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    Administrivia: About the ICG mailing lists. Due to a crash of the Best List Server in early October, the ICG mailing lists were moved to eGroups. When the
    Message 1 of 175 , Dec 1, 2000
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      Administrivia: About the ICG mailing lists.

      Due to a crash of the Best List Server in early October,
      the ICG mailing lists were moved to eGroups. When the
      server came back up, the membership decided it liked eGroups.

      The ICG has 2 mailing lists, the ICG General Discussion (ICG-D)
      list and the ICG Board of Directors (ICG-BOD) list.

      ICG-D is intended for, but not limited to, the general membership
      of the International Costumers' Guild.

      ICG-BOD is intended for, and limited to, the members of the
      International Costumers' Guild Board of Directors as defined
      by Article 5, Section 1 of the ICG Bylaws and those non-voting
      parties as invited by the BOD to provide commentary.

      To post to the lists use the following addresses:

      ICG-D@egroups.com for general membership discussion.
      ICG-BOD@egroups.com for officer level discussions.

      To subscribe, please see the Subscription HowTo contained
      in subscribe.txt for instructions.


      Policies of the ICG-D and ICG-BOD mailing list:

      1) No Flaming. The moderator will issue one and only one warning.

      If the flaming continues, all parties flaming will be unsubscribed.

      2) No detailed discussion of the actual making of costumes.

      "Huh?" you say. When this list was set up, its intention was
      not to draw traffic away other costuming lists such as
      H-Costume, F-Costume, Vintage, etc, but to promote discussion
      about the ICG and costuming in general between members.

      Detailed discussions will be encouraged to move or cross post
      to one of the other lists.

      3) If someone directly requests the moderator to subscribe/unsubscribe
      them they will be sent this message and the moderator will
      subsingle/unsubscribe them.

      4) No SPAM! Suspect addresses in subscription requests will have their
      identity verified.

      5) No Chain Letters. I know some of them pull at your heart strings
      or have you fearing for your hard drive, but most are inaccurate
      (at best), out-of-date or fake (at worst).

      6) Severely off-topic discussions or violations of these few policies
      will flagged by a message from the moderator with [RIP]* in the
      subject line. Further discussion after the posting of the [RIP]
      message should be taken to private eMail.

      7) No viral advertising! Do not send messages with advertisements
      attached. It is bad enough we have to put up with the ads attached
      to the free eMail accounts, without members taking the conscious act
      of attaching advertising. I consider these one step above SPAM.

      8) Subscribers whose accounts bounces mail will be deactivated.

      "If messages sent to a member are consistently returned"
      will deactivate your account from stop sending the mailing
      list to your address.

      For freemail account holders (Hotmail, Juno, Excitemail, etc)
      Please be aware you account has limitations and will bounce
      mail when you exceed you quota or have a full mailbox.

      John O'Halloran
      ICG List/WebMaster

      * I originally used Rip as in the sense of a ripping seam, but when
      capitalized, its other meaning worked as well.
    • mr_gengar
      Boy. I thought COBOL was eternal...this note s coming up on 10 years!
      Message 175 of 175 , Jun 1
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        Boy. I thought COBOL was eternal...this note's coming up on 10 years!
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