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RE: [ICG-D] Re: Removing paint- revisiting - a resolution and recommendation

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  • Nora & Bruce Mai
    Thought I d pop in, say thanks to Patrick and share a quick bit of knowledge with the list. Found an environmentally safe paint stripper called Citristrip
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 22, 2013

      Thought I'd pop in, say thanks to Patrick and share a quick bit of knowledge with the list.


      Found an "environmentally safe" paint stripper called "Citristrip" which worked pretty well on my nylon surface.    It took a little time, but it all came off without damaging the boots I'm working with.   Nice thing about the stuff is it has an orange-y smell and supposedly can be used indoors (although with the usual mess stripping paint makes, I wouldn't recommend it).    It supposedly can be used on fabric, which is a plus.   Again - best to test it first.   Cost from one of the smaller, more old-style hardware stores we frequent was about $14.


      Less than 2 weeks to go until Archon - Ack!  




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      Hey, Patrick:

      I went to a couple of "big boxes" today, finally getting around to this project, and no one could seem to point to a product.   Do you know of one off-hand?

      Failing that, I found this list:  http://hpd.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/household/search?tbl=TblChemicals&queryx=75-09-2

      Any recommendations?



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      > Bruce--
      > Methylene chloride (available at a number of Big Box stores) will soften paint so it can be removed from nylon. Vinyl may be OK--Polyethylene and nylon for sure. Perspex, Acrylite or Plexiglass--no. They are (polymerized) Methyl Methacrylate, A.K.A. Acrylic plastic.
      > But be sure it's really 'nylon'! Methylene chloride will dissolve acrylic plastics like Methyl Methacrylate!
      > Test a drop or two to see if it softens the plastic and makes it sticky. If not--it isn't acrylic and the methylene chloride paint stripper will work ok.
      > Pat O'Connor

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