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Re: [ICG-D] Notes from the LSC3 After the Event

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  • Byron P Connell
    Jill, congratulations. It went very well. From a den mom s perspective, the green room was well organized and almost peaceful. I tried to assist the entrants
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      Jill, congratulations.  It went very well. 

      From a den mom's perspective, the green room was well organized and almost peaceful.  I tried to assist the entrants in my den who needed help.  Fortunately, some had brought roadies (thanks, Aurora!).  The food was wonderful.  We had lots of staff.  The room was set up in a reasonable manner for its shape (long and narrow), although the shape made it difficult at times for dens at the far end to hear announcements over the loudspeakers at the other end.  That was an artifact of the shape of the room.  The route from the stage to fan photo, through the green room, was awkward; however, I do not see how else the entrants could have been routed.  I and some other den moms did advise our entrants that they were free to leave the green room at half-time to mingle or do anything else they wanted.  Some entrants may not have heard; others may not have asked. 

      Overall, DDA did an excellent job in his first time as a green room manager.

      I was one of the presenters in the program item on how to survive your first masquerade.  There were five panelists.  There were only six persons in the audience (although five of them were entering the masquerade -- including one not a first-timer).  Tine after time, we hold these program items and those who ought to be there do not attend.  Should we meld them into an orientation for entrants?  Keep them separate but make them mandatory for first-timers?   Mandatory only for complete neos, not those who have participated in masquerades at smaller venues?  (Personally, I don't like any of those alternatives.) 


      On Sep 6, 2013, at 3:51 PM, Jill Eastlake <jill@...> wrote:


      Thank you Toni.

      A couple of comments.

      We did have a beginners description of the Masquerade on the website.  It's here: http://www.lonestarcon3.org/masquerade/index.shtml

      Now, at the top, is a link to the list of winners - the corrected list of winners.

      The person complaining had entered the Masquerade and not ever seen the website.  He didn't completely grok what he was doing even though he went through the Stage Manager for stage directions, etc.  He was handed a checklist and the description of what to expect in the Masquerade Green Room - but he didn't read that either.

      About that list of winners.  I had and continue to have the utmost confidence in my people.  One of the best submitted the list to the Newsletter, who cut out part of it and didn't have us check it.  And, even so there was one award completely missed until I checked later.  It seems to be impossible to get it right on the night of the show.  Sigh.

      I do like the idea of a video on the website.  Maybe that can be done at later conventions - good one!

      I believe we will get enormous masquerades again, someday.  The limit was supposed to scare people INTO entering early.  It seems to have had the opposite effect in many cases.

      I wasn't in the MGR (Masquerade Green Room) most of the time.  I don't know what training the Den Moms had or what was announced to the entrants in there.  But, life is imperfect.  Anyone who asked would have been told the full story.  Many costumers did go into the hallway at half time and mingle.

      There were both the pre and post masquerade panels.  They were superbly scheduled and pretty well attended.  Last time I did this (Denver) it was a struggle to get these on the Program.  This time was easy.  Thanks to Aurora!

      And, yes, it went well.  I don't think we burned out anyone.  The show went smoothly.  Few, but some, tech glitches along the way in starting up an entry.  One starting to play the wrong music, fixed.  Again, we're not perfect.  Such is life.

      I am thrilled with how well it all went.  I was happily exhausted many nights in a row by the effort, as I'm sure a few others were as well.  I'll say it over and over.

      It takes an army.  And, we had a great one.



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