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RE: [ICG-D] ICG videos for DragonCon TV?

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  • Nora & Bruce Mai
    That s an interesting idea. I suspect they don t take other material, but it can t hurt to ask. As for the text formatting, the videos have been, until
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 10, 2013
      That's an interesting idea. I suspect they don't take other material, but
      it can't hurt to ask.

      As for the text formatting, the videos have been, until recently, produced
      for viewing in a Road Show setting where they're being projected up on a
      wall or screen. But given the amount of material soon to be uploaded to the
      Channel, I will certainly take your comment into consideration for future


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      So, perhaps the ICG should approach DragonCon for using their videos on
      DragonCon-TV? DragonCon is a huge costuming event (by quantity) in Atlanta
      that sucks up the resources for five hotels, a connected mall food court and
      now separate exhibition space for the dealers every Labor Day. They also
      have their own video program running in the convention hotels.

      I do not know if they require the videos to be DragonCon related or not, but
      it might be nice to let them know that people have been costuming for long
      time with some of these.......

      I like the black-on-white text format, but I wish the font size was bigger.


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