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Re: [ICG-D] Re: Reflective Paint on Fabric?

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  • randwhit@aol.com
    I ll check out the article. I ve found a manufacturer s web site that sells the reflective material as a silk screen ink, but they want to sell it by the
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      I'll check out the article.

      I've found a manufacturer's web site that sells the reflective material as
      a silk screen ink, but they want to sell it by the gallon. A bit much for
      one project.

      I'm thinking now I could do the logo in plain gray fabric paint then apply
      a thin top coat of the reflective paint available in spray cans at hardware
      stores. An SWCG member showed us a butcher paper stencil technique a while
      back that should adapt well for this.


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      gust@... writes:

      Hi Randall,

      I haven't tried it myself, but Mona May, who designed the costumes for the
      Disney "Haunted Mansion" movie did exactly that. A summary of the
      technique and a photo appears in a side bar of an article in the August 2012
      "Hauntings and Horror!" issue of "The Virtual Costumer" magazine
      (http://www.siwcostumers.org/vc_contents.html#v10_i3) ). The article, "On Loan from the Haunted
      Mansion" starts on page 11.

      I can try to contact Mona if you need to know more specific information
      about the technique and material she used. It might make a nice article.

      There is also active interest in a technique for applying
      electroluminescent material as a paint. The advantage is that the effect is less dependent
      on lighting conditions than the reflective paint Mona used Again, I haven't
      tried it (yet), but check out the "Electroluminescent Coating System (TM)"
      that LumiLor has developed (_http://www.lumilor.com_
      (http://www.lumilor.com/) ). The disadvantage is that you need a battery, but you can probably
      run this type of thing for a couple of hours on a single 9v battery. Might be
      worth the trouble for the added safety, though.

      If you decide to try either of these, let me know how it works out.

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      randwhit@... wrote:
      > I've been thinking about making some more high-visibility safety vests
      > work so I can have good fit, natural fibers and pockets that are sized
      > placed just right for my tools and sample bags. My first efforts in this
      > regard have been fairly successful.
      > I got to thinking, why not apply the reflective medium as a paint,
      > than iron-on strips? I know Carhardt makes T-shirts with silk-screened
      > reflective stripes. I could do my company's logo as a reflective stencil.
      > Has anyone on the lists tried something like this? How well do
      > reflective paints (the ones with the micro glass beads) apply to fabric?
      > Can they be airbrushed? Is there a paint meant specifically for fabric?
      > Randall
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