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Fwd: [ArmedCostumers] Conjecture/ConChord Report

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  • Byron Connell
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      > From: Carole Parker <mscip@...>
      > Subject: [ArmedCostumers] Conjecture/ConChord Report
      > Date: October 9, 2012 3:23:21 PM EDT
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      > One the personal side, I took down eleven of my scarves to sell, and
      > *none* of them sold. Yep, a great big goose egg. The con had something
      > like 300 people attending, so I guess critical mass for purchasing did
      > not happen. Not much sold in this art show - lots of empty bid sheets.
      > On the positive side, James Hay - a San Diego costumer who is running
      > the programming for Condor XX in March came up to me and said "So,
      > what workshops do you want to do at Condor?" It appears that the con
      > chair wants some hands on workshops to happen. I was told that Condor
      > gets around 500 people attending, and it would be at the same location
      > as Conjecture.
      > On the costuming side, Conjecture had some people wearing hall
      > costumes, and I gave out ribbons to most of them - I think. I also got
      > some photographs of many of the people who wore costumes for the
      > Masquerade Ball. A pro was in a separate room, and once people were
      > done with him, I asked if I could take their photo out in the hallway.
      > Everyone said yes, and some outstanding costumes were there. A little
      > over a couple dozen, with one lady reputed to be sixty years old being
      > the killer costume. If I could look as good as she does at sixty, I
      > will have no complaints!
      > Some costume programming was available, and it was mostly the crowd
      > from Los Angeles who came down to do those.
      > The exception to the L.A. crowd was a San Diego guy by the name of Bob
      > Mogg who was really interesting, and I'd love to spend time picking
      > his brain! He's a "maker" kind of guy, and he has come up with some
      > fun workarounds. Are they historically accurate? Nope, but then he
      > doesn't claim to be. Does the stuff have the right look? Most
      > definitely. It is accessible? Very much so. He has a drill and a drill
      > press at home, and that's all he has. Plus, he's fun to listen to. I
      > would so much like to import him to the San Francisco Bay Area for a
      > convention because he's so much fun, and he makes stuff accessible. He
      > does steampunk so well.
      > I'll have to admit that I spent a lot of my time in the filking area,
      > but even that was a minor disappointment. Good music happened, but not
      > as many people as one would have hoped for showed up. The combination
      > of Conjecture and ConChord seemed to work out for both conventions
      > joining up, but some kinks need to be worked out for next year.
      > Conjecture/ConChord is going to happen the weekend of October 18th
      > next year, but I believe that conflicts with something else that I do,
      > so I probably won't go. It was a nice local convention, but I'm not
      > totally certain it was worth flying down to.
      > Until later--
      > Carole

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