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Re: [ICG-D] Moulage

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  • bruno@soulmasque.com
    JoAnn, Contact our Programming Director, Marian O Brien-Clark. She and her husband do that stuff. programming@cc31denver.com Michael
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2012

      Contact our Programming Director, Marian O'Brien-Clark. She and her
      husband do that stuff. programming@...


      On 2012-08-15 03:50, JoAnn Abbott wrote:
      > Yesterday I had never heard of the word Moulage. Then I read my
      > newsletter,
      > and now I want to learn to do it so much! I don't want to wait till
      > Denver-
      > especially since there is a chance we can't make it next year. Scott
      > has a
      > limited amount of leave time from work, and the Discworld convention
      > and our
      > 30th wedding anniversary at next years Pennsic are going to take up
      > most of
      > it.
      > So I am sending this out into the brain trust- where can I learn
      > moulage?
      > What books should I buy/borrow from the library? Should I get one of
      > the
      > kits that I see on line- some of them are really expensive, while
      > others
      > talk about being able to make multiple wounds with only pennies per
      > scar-
      > so which is it? There is a chance I will be able to get a job on a
      > horror
      > film this winter if I can show up with a bunch of photos of my
      > family
      > in
      > various states of decomposition to prove I am up to the task.
      > All suggestions will be looked into!
      > Thanks for your help :o)
      > Ghoulishly yours
      > JoAnn in VA
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