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CC General Questions: My answers

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  • Betsy Delaney
    Sorry about the subject change. I set my membership to digest while I was on the road and forgot to set it back... Based on the pattern these days, it s far
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2011
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      Sorry about the subject change. I set my membership to digest while I was on
      the road and forgot to set it back...

      Based on the pattern these days, it's far likelier I'll attend Toronto (and
      maybe Denver) than Phoenix. I can drive up to Canada and my sister's in
      Denver to watch the girls if it comes to that. By then, I might even be
      willing to purchase kid memberships for them. (You are offering the option,

      >1. What days and how late do you expect the consuite to be open?

      Thursday night for sure. When I've gone (and that hasn't been as often as
      I'd like, lately) I've traveled on Thursday, so it's nice to get my stuff in
      the room and then go hang out and greet friends (and new folks) on arrival.
      Meeting them in the lobby guarantees a quick "gotta go load in" and
      potential burn-out from long-distance travel. Once I get to the Con Suite, I
      can kick back and relax.

      There've been times when I've helped assemble packets Thursday night at the
      Con Suite, too.

      How late? Put a night owl in charge of the room. After a certain hour (an
      hour before you close, maybe?) stop putting out food. When it runs out,
      you'll find it's easier to chase folks out. If the masquerade goes past
      11pm, 2am is probably the earliest I'd close. If you have the ability to
      show video of the event(s), it takes a while to get folks assembled and may
      take a bit to get the rough video ready to show. If it's a long show, it
      takes just as long to watch as it did to be in it. And if you want to give
      folks a chance to change out of uncomfortable costume parts before they
      arrive, it could be half an hour before they can get to the party.

      I'd also book the Con Suite room from Thursday to Tuesday, so you don't have
      to change rooms after the con closes. Whether it's a suite in the sleeping
      quarters or a facility room, that's just nicer than trying to cram folks
      into a different room for the last day.

      Will there be a Mouskerade?

      >2. Monday programming. How important is it?

      Very, at least until 1 or 2pm, though you don't have to offer a lot of
      panels then. One of the best panels I attended was the Monday EL wire panel
      at...um...CC26? I think that's right.

      >3. Tours, do you prefer them Thursdays or Mondays?

      Given a choice, I think Monday is better. When I did the Thursday Winchester
      Mystery House tour (CC26) I barely made it there in time and that was bad
      because I was leading the group.One mistake in flight schedules and folks
      would have been on their own or might have missed it. If I'm there till the
      Dead Dog, it gives me something to do with my day while folks are packing
      up. There's a LOT to see and do in Toronto.

      There ya go!

      As Dana says, my $0.02. 9)

      Betsy Marks Delaney


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