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Re: [ICG-D] Firewalls

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  • Andrew T Trembley
    From: Ricky & Karen Dick ... Zone Alarm works well for me, but Mary is right about it being a bit geeky Not that it s all Zone
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 30, 2002
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      From: "Ricky & Karen Dick" <castleb@...>
      > Wow, you couldn't get two more different opinions on ZoneAlarm (Betsy and
      > Mary).

      Zone Alarm works well for me, but Mary is right about it being a bit "geeky"

      Not that it's all Zone Alarm's fault really. Zone Alarm starts by assuming
      that all traffic is questionable and asking you on a program-by-program
      basis which programs can act as "servers" and "clients."

      There's two big problems.

      The first is identifying programs. Some will identify in a meaningful
      manner, for example "internet explorer." Others will identify by a
      relatively meaningless 8.3 dos-style format (like "javaw.exe"). This can be
      windows' fault, or the programmer's fault.

      The second is determining whether the program should be doing what ZoneAlarm
      tells you. Most programs should only act as clients, but there are a few
      documented cases of programs that should act as servers. You've got to be
      ready to do a touch of web-searching to figure this out.

      I use ZoneAlarm and a LinkSys DSL (broadband, really) router together to
      protect my machine. It's a touch of overkill, but it has worked for me.

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