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Worldcon 2009 Masquerade Info

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  • Byron Connell
    Here s information on the venue for the Anticipation masquerade on August 8, 2009: We will hold the masquerade in Room 517a-c on the fifth floor of the Palais
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2008
      Here's information on the venue for the Anticipation masquerade on August 8, 2009:

      We will hold the masquerade in Room 517a-c on the fifth floor of the Palais de Congres de Montreal. It seats at least 3,000 people.

      We anticipate that the stage will be six meters deep by 15 meters long (approximately 19.7 feet deep by 49.2 feet long), with a four meter by four meter wing on each side (approximately 13.1 feet by 13.1 feet), not visible to the audience. The height of the room is 7.42 meters (approximately 24.3 feet); there will be no low-hanging lights over the stage so available height will be 7.42 meters less the height of the stage, which has yet to be determined.

      There will be stairs to reach the stage wings. We plan on providing a passage behind the curtain that will permit entry or exit from either stage right or stage left. (Stage right is to your right on stage as you face the audience; it is the opposite of the audience's right.)

      We anticipate that the MC's podium will be at the front of the stage, far stage left.

      We anticipate using room 516 as the masquerade green room. It is immediately behind the stage and is 42.7 meters long by 18.3 meters deep (140 feet by 60 feet). The height is 4.53 meters (14.9 feet). Depending on configuration, the room can seat 500 to 600. We anticipate that the green room will be available to entrants all day on Saturday. However, it will not be a secure space until it opens officially, so valuables should not be left there at other times.

      We anticipate opening the green room several hours before curtain time. Once it is officially open, it will be staffed by a green room manager, den moms, and other staff. After appearing on stage, entrants are welcome to return to the green room to relax, or to take a seat in the audience.

      The nearest washrooms are public ones just outside room 516 that are accessed from the hall.

      Entrants planning to use props too large for the ruling dimensions should discuss their needs in advance with the Masquerade Director. The corridors in the Palais are tall and large freight elevators may be available for entrants with large props. However, the ruling height is the door into room 516 from the hallway, which is only 2.3 meters (7.5 feet) high by 1.7 meters (5.5 feet) wide. The doorway from the room to the backstage area is slightly higher at 2.3 meters (7.6 feet) and much wider.

      This information, together with the rules for the masquerade, will be in Progress Report 3, due in January, as well as on the Anticipation Web site:


      If you have nay questions, please let me know, as I am Anticipation's Masquerade Director.


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