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Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations

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  • von_drago
    It s that time of year again. I m now accepting nominations for the ICG Lifetime Achievement Award as outlined in SR21 (included below). Any ICG member in good
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2006
      It's that time of year again.

      I'm now accepting nominations for the ICG Lifetime Achievement Award
      as outlined in SR21 (included below). Any ICG member in good standing
      man nominate someone for the LAA by sending their nomination
      (including a paragraph or two on why you wish to nominate said
      person) to the ICG President either via snail or email.

      DO NOT send them to this list.

      The deadline for nominations is January 30, 2007.

      Nora Mai
      ICG President


      SR21. The ICG shall establish a Lifetime Achievement Award to
      recognize a body of achievement in the costuming art and service to
      the costuming community.
      a) Candidates for this award should have the following qualifications:
      „h Shall have been active in the costuming community for at least ten
      „h Shall have achieved significant recognition for their costuming
      skills, which may be in the form of, but not restricted to,
      competitive awards, professional accomplishments, teaching of skills,
      and/or media recognition.
      „h Shall have made significant contributions in service to the
      costuming community.
      b) This award shall be given at the discretion of the ICG Board of
      Directors, but no more frequently than once per year.

      c) Candidates for this award may be nominated by letter of proposal
      to the ICG President from any member in good standing or from any
      chapter. All letters of proposal must be received 60 days before the
      annual meeting.

      d) The ICG President shall prepare a secret ballot of proposed
      candidates and No Award and send it to all chapter presidents and ICG
      officers. The voting deadline shall be 30 days in advance of the
      annual meeting. A majority of votes shall determine the winner. The
      results shall be kept secret until the award is presented.

      e) It shall be the responsibility of the ICG President to have a
      plaque prepared for presentation to the recipient. The plaque shall
      read, "The International Costumers' Guild presents to
      (_______________________________) its Lifetime Achievement Award for
      his/her/their contribution to the costuming community. Presented
      (Date) at Costume-Con (Number) (City/State/Country)." [Adopted
      2/18/91; renumbered 5/26/9, renumbered 8/31/03, renumbered 04/29/05,
      renumbered 9/11/05]
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