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Re: Future Fashion Folio

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  • von_drago
    And you can t say you haven t been reminded repeatedly, almost every month. There will be a Folio because it is required. How big it ends up being... that s up
    Message 1 of 59 , Aug 4, 2006
      And you can't say you haven't been reminded repeatedly, almost every

      There will be a Folio because it is required. How big it ends up
      being... that's up to you.

      CC25 FFF, co-editor.

      --- In ICG-D@yahoogroups.com, "axejudge" <axejudge@...> wrote:
      > Please brace yourselves, everyone: there is about to be a rant.
      > say I didn't warn you.
      > -----
      > There has been discussion in the past about the Folio. One person
      > considering bidding for Costume-Con even brought up the idea of not
      > having one. This idea so upset Karen Dick, the service mark holder
      > for Costume-Con, that she wrote it into the requirements for that
      > con. If you want to hold a Costume-Con, you've got to have a Folio.
      > I wholeheartedly agree. The Folio allows for a wide variety of
      > designs (and designers). Whether the garments can be constructed
      > irrelevant; it's the inspiration they provide for us all. It
      > encourages everyone to try their hand at design, to free their
      > Although we have this passion for the Folio, apparently NOBODY ELSE
      > DOES.
      > Why do I say that?
      > Our submission deadline for the CC25 Folio is in less than 2
      > Do you know how many entries we have so far? Go on, guess.
      > Twenty-three.
      > How many of them are from you all?
      > None. Zero. Zip.
      > We have submissions from a class of schoolchildren, and some from
      > India.
      > THAT'S IT.
      > That's appalling. Our judges - who cannot participate in
      > designs - are looking on in increasing dismay.
      > Do you REALLY not care about the Folio any more? Are we wasting
      > time and money putting one together?
      > When I saw a large number of designs made for the CC24 Fashion
      Show, I
      > was delighted. It seemed to bode well for the Folio's future.
      > But when there has been almost a year for people to submit designs
      > (from CC24's deadline to ours), and this is all people can be
      > to muster, I'm discouraged and disgusted.
      > There is NO MORE TIME, people. It's all well and good to think
      > OK to put it off until the last minute, but you have NO idea the
      > repercussions of that choice on your parts.
      > If 23 entries is all we have, and the judges don't think any of
      > are any good, THERE WILL BE NO FOLIO, and all of you may consider
      > yourselves responsible.
      > I don't want to see a bunch of discussion about this. Talking
      > drawing. If you have an idea - ANY idea - you'll never have a
      > chance of getting it in print than now. Pick up a pencil and start
      > sketching.
      > CC25 Future Fashion Folio deadline - August 15, 2006.
      > Karen Heim
      > Co-Editor, CC25 Future Fashion Folio
    • Susan
      Congratulations! It s always nice to have your designs noticed. Susan ________________________________ From: elvestoorder@yahoo.com
      Message 59 of 59 , Feb 1, 2014
        Congratulations! It's always nice to have your designs noticed.

        From: "elvestoorder@..." <elvestoorder@...>
        To: ICG-D@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Saturday, February 1, 2014 8:54 PM
        Subject: [ICG-D] Future Fashion Folio

        I got a design in this year's folio.  :)

        It was my favorite, too.  Always nice to have other people like a design you liked.

        The folio was pretty good sized this year & lots of new designing talent as well as returning.

        Ann in CT

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