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Bad MCs and Situations

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  • mscip@inreach.com
    ... What kind of convention would allow a Q&A session for a masquerade? That isn t a masquerade. That s a Miss America pageant. I m willing to bet that most
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
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      > From: "Cathy Holroyd" <cathcguk@...>
      > A worrying trend at some conventions I have attended in the UK is the
      > celebraty guests (usually actors) judging and insisting on doing a Q & A
      > with each entrant.

      What kind of convention would allow a Q&A session for a masquerade? That isn't
      a masquerade. That's a Miss America pageant. I'm willing to bet that most
      costumers did not sign up for that.

      I'm all for celebrity guests judging or being able to hand out special awards,
      but I don't see the need or advisability for anything else.

      > At times entrants have been humiliated or become
      > secondary to the guest or got pulled back on to "interact" with another
      > entry on the judges whim. This is why I stopped entering the Masquerade at
      > these events.

      I agree. I wouldn't stand for that, either.

      > The audience was naturally pissed
      > by this and when asked by one of the actors the next day during his talk
      > what they had thought of the Masquerade let him know in no uncertain terms
      > their displeasure at the judging.

      Good. Maybe they'll get the idea next time if they ever decide to do it again.
      Then again, I'm hoping they won't get the opportunity because people will have

      > Unsurprisingly the con organiser gave my
      > friend and the two other oustanding entrants "consolation prizes" at the
      > closing ceremony.
      Not the same thing as winning, but at least they were trying to make up for it.
      I'm willing to bet that the con organizer won't be as likely to do it again in
      the future. I wonder if enough people blasted the concom for that?

      Here's to better events in the future--

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