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716Re: [ICG-D] Good writer (and artist) judges

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  • Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
    Dec 7, 2000
      Sometimes this works even better when you have a good GoH judge. C.J.
      Cherryh, who was guest of honor at Bucconeer, was one of the Masquerade
      judges. There was an entry that was an excellent Pyanfar Chanur. We
      wanted to give it an award, but couldn't think what to call it. Finally,
      we asked C.J. if the entrant had captured the essence of the character, and
      she said yes, so it got a special GoH award.


      >Alternatively (if you don't want to worry about the "forced" GoH working
      >with the other judges) have a "Guest of Honor Choice" award. It simplifies
      >matters a lot. Art Shows typically do this.
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