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49979New Masquerade Runners Special Interest Group (SIG)!

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  • philgust
    Mar 20, 2016

      I am pleased to announce the at the ICG Board has just approved a new ICG Special Interest Group (SIG). The Masquerade Runners SIG (a.k.a. "Hey Kids, Let's Put on a Show!" (HeLPS)) represents ICG members involved in organizing, directing, and/or providing support for masquerades or similar stage costume competitions or displays on the local, regional, and international-competition levels.

      HeLPS is the third ICG SIG. The other SIGs are 

      Miss Lizzy's Historical Fashion Show: Educational outreach to extend knowledge of Victorian and Edwardian culture and dress by collecting, preserving, studying, and repairing extant garments, photographs, artifacts, style periodicals, and ephemera of that time period, from approximately 1830 to 1930. 

      Props and Costuming FX:  Provides a focus for members who are interested in the art and practice of prop making and costuming special effects, and offer encouragement and support to ICG members who are interested in these areas of costuming. 

      Membership in SIGs is open to all ICG members.  For more information about ICG SIGs and who to contact, as well as links to their websites and other social media, visit the "ICG Special Interest Groups" page on the ICG website: http://www.costume.org/sigs.

      Philip Gust

      ICG President