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  • Philip Gust
    Mar 17, 2016
      I am happy to announce that the ICG Board of Directors has approved
      creating an ad hoc committee that will review and consider revisions to
      the ICG's "Guidelines for Ensuring Fair Competition." Many costume
      competitions worldwide of all sizes have incorporated the fairness
      principals embodied in the ICG Guidelines into their own rules.

      The late Peggy Kennedy first proposed a skill division system to ensure
      that new or less experienced costumers did not have to compete against
      more advanced ones. It was first used at the 1981 Worldcon. The ICG
      adopted the the first ICG Guidelines in 1992 that embraced this idea.
      They were revised in 1994, and given a major update in 2004. In 2010,
      they were updated again as the current version on the ICG website

      It's important to periodically review the ICG Guidelines, and consider
      revisions that make the them more understandable and easier for costume
      competitions to apply, and that reflect current best fairness practices.
      Six years after adopting the current version, it is time to take another

      I have appointed four ICG members to the 2016 ICG Guidelines Committee:

      Tonya Adolfson - Gem State Costumers
      Maral Agnerian - Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada
      Rae Bradbury-Enslin - New Jersey - New York Costumers Guild
      Vicki Warren - Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Guild

      Each has extensive experience participating in and running many
      different types of costume competitions, and working with the ICG
      Guidelines. From now until the end of September 2016, they will review
      the current ICG Guidelines, seek formal and informal input from the
      costuming communities, and propose revisions for the ICG Board to
      approve by the end of 2016. You'll be hearing more about the Committee
      in the coming months. I am confident that the revision process is in
      good hands.

      Please join me in thanking Tonya, Maral, Rae, and Vicki for their service.

      Philip Gust
      International Costumers' Guild