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  • Betsy Marks Delaney
    May 1, 2014
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      My catchphrase for virtually all social media? 

      "Know your enemy."

      Facebook groups have a marginally better chance of reaching the target audience, but only if the target audience is clueful enough to set their notifications for the group to on. Otherwise, there's no there there.

      The take-away I've heard the most on these:

      1. Email is far and away the best connectivity tool (so long as you choose a method that doesn't restrict access based on the size of the mailing list - note that I *really* hate Constant Contact at the moment.

      2. Blogging is the next best thing, but requires building a successful following. Connecting the blog to the ICG website for branding purposes is essential. 

      3. There is no one good way to connect. It takes lots of different accounts.

      I have:

      WordPress (two sites)

      Pinterest and Instagram and the others are uncharted territory for me because they look like HUGE time-sinks. There are several other options out there, that I haven't listed. With almost 700 "friends" and a couple of followers on Facebook, Most of the time, I have about a seven percent chance of hitting someone's feed. On average, I get responses (likes or comments) from roughly 20-50 per post on the pages I manage, and that includes a following of just about 400. On my personal page, I can get as many as 90 likes or comments, depending on what I'm posting. 

      And I can tell you based on my current workload at school just how much time I'm spending on each. The order above is roughly correct in terms of access. The daily video posts are on hiatus until the semester is over (next week).

      Not saying not to do it - just saying there's gonna be a lot of work involved to make it really pay off, and that includes educating folks in what to look for and where.




      Betsy Marks Delaney

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