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48672You can help with costuming at the London Worldcon even if you are not going!

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  • Kevin Roche
    Mar 23, 2014
      Andy and I are in charge of organizing the Costume, Cosplay & Style area of the Loncon 3 programme.

      Some of you may already be aware that my mother passed away a couple weeks ago; I was visiting my father this week when he fell and broke his hip (he's already had surgery and his prognosis is excellent).  That has, however, left little time for brainstorming ideas for the programme. 

      That's where you can help, even if you aren't planning to attend Loncon 3 in August -- you can suggest programme ideas for us. 

      Here's the link for suggesting programme ideas:

      If you ARE attending, and haven't yet said you'd like to be involved, Here's the link for offering to participate in the programme:

      Thanks in advance