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48671RE: [ICG-D] Costumers and Consent/Harassment

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  • JoAnn Abbott
    Mar 23, 2014

      In my case, I was at my FIRST SCi Fi con, Empirecon in NYC when I realized that he had just sat next to me. I asked if he was who I thought  he was, we chatted for a while  between presentations on the stage. When he learned it was my first convention he removed my glasses, dipped me, planted a MAJOR kiss on my stunned face, sat me back up and handed me back my glasses before proceeding up to the stage to do his talk.


      When I was able to breathe again and not quite as stunned, I asked the woman on his other side  who he had handed my glasses to (I think it was his wife) if he always kissed girls at their first convention. She very dryly replied “He will kiss a young woman at any time and for any reason he can come up with”.




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      He got me, as well, at Lunacons.  Usually his beautiful wife (the psychiatrist) was with him at the time.

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      Ha ha, that was me too.  I have a picture of me with Asimov with his hand on my breast, a last minute grope as you say.  I always thought it was funny and wasn't ashamed to show people.  I was really proud to have been groped by him, and yes we always said that was his thing and didn't think much about it.  The Asimov squeeze.  My boobs haven't changed much since then but my attitude sure has.





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      Ha ha ha... When we meet in person again, remind me about story about one of the most famous SF writers (known in both in and out of the community) with reputation of serendipitously  grope women's breasts at the last moment when they wanted their pictures taking with him. This is in the late 70s and we were speaking to the victims. Later confirmed by a few other people that "that's just how he is."



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