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48630Re: [ICG-D] odd request- old con ribbons

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  • spiritof_76
    Mar 12, 2014

      If you'd caught me a few months ago, I had a lot leftover from CC31, but
      they're gone now.


      On 2014-03-12 09:00, Elaine Sims wrote:
      > Good morning!
      > I have kind of an odd request, feel free to reply off-list.
      > As some of you know, even though I really enjoy costuming, I'm more
      > of a
      > quilter. One of the things I'm trying to add to my custom line is
      > memory
      > quilts. I have plenty of t-shirts to make a sample memory quilt, but
      > I
      > want to also create a sample quilt that shows people what they can do
      > with all their show ribbons, whether it be 4H, horse shows, costuming
      > awards, anything like that.
      > Since I've never collected enough participant or winner ribbons from
      > any
      > of my activities, I'm hoping that some of the previous Costume-Con
      > chairs might have some left-over unawarded ribbons that they might be
      > willing to part with for the project. I am willing to pay for
      > shipping.
      > I'd also be interested in some of the badge ribbons, if folks would
      > be
      > interested in sharing.
      > If I can get enough of these to get it done, I'll bring the sample to
      > CC33 in Charleston, too. :) (It's pretty unlikely it would be
      > finished
      > for Toronto, sorry)
      > Thanks all!
      > ~Elaine Sims
      > SiWeb
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