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48628Re: [ICG-D] Costumers and Consent/Harassment

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  • Barb Schofield
    Mar 12, 2014
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      Thinking back 30-35 years ago, I wore a lot of brief hall costumes and don't remember any particular problems.  Then, as now, there were a few louts, but no more than you would encounter at a party, bar or club.  This behavior may not stand out in memory as it was common in society at the time, and most women expected to have to deal with it.
      It was not unusual in the 60’s and 70’s for costumes to be topless.  Much art and book cover illustration produced at the time reflected this, and naturally costumes would be similar.  It was culturally accepted at the time, and didn’t stand out as it would later in the conservative social climate that developed in the 1980’s.  Rules against women appearing topless started in the early 80’s.
      The first Worldcon masquerade that I remember to have a rule against flagrant nudity (i.e. no topless women) was in 1982 in Chicago.  They also had a rule banning live flame, and I think a woman in a topless costume carrying two lit candles won an award.  OK, whatever, we thought at the time.

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      I recently went to a panel where someone tried to assert that before the Anime heyday and 2001 costuming and fandom was one big happy family with no issues of sexual harassment or problems with marginalizing minority costumers.  It sounded contrary to some stories I've heard, but I thought it would be easiest to go to the people who lived it.  Is this true?  Were there really no problems with sexual harassment back in the days of 'no costume is a costume', or is this a case of rose-colored glasses and the explosion of costuming in fandom as well as the easy transmission of stories by the internet?


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