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48615Dharma Trading Catalog

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  • Carole Parker
    Mar 3, 2014
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      The newest catalog just came out, and they have some stuff in there that I do not believe I've seen before. It's in the school of "ohhhh. Neat!"

      Plus, they now have dyes that can be used for fiber reactive fabrics where you don't have to mess with all the mixing and such. They say that it doesn't give colors as brilliant as the regular fiber reactive dyes, but it reads like it looks great for teaching classes. Less mess and no fuss for the students or those just learning. It reads like those with apartments or limited space situations could use the product without issue. You'll want to take a look at the Tumble Dry Tie-Dye product if you were intimidated by all the potential mess but wanting to try out some stuff.

      I'm definitely going to have to take some time out with the Dharma catalog once I'm done with this month's International Costumer. I'm already mentally bouncing about this. ;-)

      Until later--