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48372Re: [ICG-D] Happy Holiday

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  • Carole Parker
    Dec 1, 2013
      On Nov 30, 2013, at 8:15 AM, Jill Eastlake <jill@...> wrote:

      > Here we are. Saturday already. And the four day weekend only half gone.
      > Celebrate! Life is good.
      > And, everyone, never really grow up. Adults can be so - boring!

      When I saw all the adults looking like the weight of the world was on their shoulders, I didn't want to grow up. Then, I found out that learning from and avoiding repeating the same mistakes was part of growing up. So, I determined to never lose my sense of fun and wonder. I like to think that I've achieved that - along with avoiding some of the land mines that I used to step on with great regularity.

      > Now, think. What was the most fun thing you did this year? Let us all know.

      While it was a lot of work, I would say having Thanksgiving here with all of my siblings here was really wonderful. I also get a lot of enjoyment when I'm doing dye work. Bill (aka hubby) likes seeing me be creative because I get so excited by the possibilities. He says I light up.

      > For me - the trip to Disney World in late September/early October with the family and close friends.
      > Oh, yes, running the Worldcon Masquerade turned out to be an exhausting, and fulfilling, task that sometime will repeat. I love seeing how all the wonderful people fill the box we make by producing a Masquerade. After all is said and done, and the work is over, there is the creativity and the awesome photos of what our friends have made to show off and make it all worthwhile.
      > Clearly, I'm feeling glorious today. Gotta go quilt.

      We have more people coming over tomorrow for a latkefest brunch, so on Monday, I'll look at creating some more stuff. I've got some ideas to try for the Loncon3 Art Show.

      Until later--

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