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48340Philcon Masquerade Director speaks

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  • elektra
    Nov 12, 2013
      The masquerade is over . . . and nobody died. This is due in large part
      to my absolutely amazing staff, who did all the work, allowing me to
      combat any stress I was having with liberal applications of scotch (it
      was my first masquerade). Also, certificates will be mailed to the
      participants in the next week or so.

      In no particular order.

      Thanks to:
      --The amazing Don Sakers, first time masquerade MC, who worked with a
      bunch of the newbie contestants, helped them write introductions, and
      made their presentations better. Many of them will be back *because* of Don.
      --the remarkable tech crew (they got us lights!): Syd Weinstein, Michael
      Rafferty, Liana Olear, Larry Schroeder, Stephanie Fine, Sam
      --Michelle Weinstein, who stepped up and acted as workmanship judge on
      no notice
      --Thomas Atkinson, JoAnn Abbott, and Raven Stormbringer, who did a great
      job as the On Stage judges
      --Marci Huston, who did time at the masquerade table all weekend, then
      also acted as judges' clerk
      --Byron Connell, who ran the green room
      --Tina Connell, who brought the so-called "little" repair table (which
      is anything but!), and helped keep the contestants together
      --Rachelle Lerner, den mommy
      --Alida Shears' father, den mommy
      --Carol Salemi, stage ninja & she coordinated the costume programming
      track on site, so I didn't have to
      --Richard Fine, stage ninja
      --Susan Toker
      --Diane Kovalcin
      --Ken Warren, official photographer (the pictures are amazing!!!)
      --Seth Briedbart, front of house
      --John Upton, who ran the fan photography area
      --Vicki Warren, who took me to the bar after the masquerade was done . . .
      --and Mike, who took me out for steak after it was all over, and for
      lots of other stuffs

      For anyone I forgot: I'm sorry, and thank you, thank you, thank you



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