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48320Re: [ICG-D] Yesterday was interesting

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  • Steve Swope
    Nov 2, 2013
      Lay, Toni (DDC) wrote:
      > On the “A” (which gets me to the Bronx) there was a very good Medusa.
      > She’d made the snakes from long foam curlers painted green with little
      > red tongues. However, she was putting on some makeup while looking into
      > a compact mirror. I asked her if she should be turning to stone for that.

      No, because using a mirror is the SAFE way to look at a gorgon.

      P.S. I pulled out my "pirate dandy" for the company costume contest, and
      shallow-carved a bat onto a pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest (my
      own design-- shallow-carved areas for the mouth, ears, and wing
      membranes, pierced holes for the eyes).

      P.P.S. I took first place in both competitions. The pumpkin was a
      surprise; there were some very cool entries that I though would leave me
      in third or even fourth place. Someone did a Jack Skellington face that
      was a perfect fit for its pumpkin, and there was a Medusa head carved in
      what looked like tribal style. Another had carved the pumpkin half
      away, leaving an open structure and no top. Really cool stuff.


      Steve Swope (aka phierma@...)
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